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Reviews of books from Morgan Valley Crafts - Rocky Road

Article Date: 
6 December, 2013 (All day)

This is the first week of a new column in The Morgan County News.  We will bring you information and reviews about the books stocked by Morgan Valley Crafts.  We hope that this will be helpful to you as you make your decisions about what books to choose.
This week Rocky Road by Josie Kilpack is the subject of the review.  
I will confess that I was puzzled by a book with the label of “culinary mystery”.  I have cooked a few culinary mysteries in my time, but I was puzzled by how you could have a mystery with intermixed recipes and food.  That was primarily why I decided to read Rocky Road.  
Rocky Road is the latest of ten books with the main character of Sadie Hoffmiller.  Hoffmiller is a former investigator who is pulled into her mysteries by her connection and compassion towards others.  She uses her considerable talents as an investigator to unravel mysteries the police have been unable to solve.
Hoffmiller is also a lover of food, which is where the recipes come in.   Each time Hoffmiller has a meal the recipes of the dishes she likes the best are included.  I have cooked a few of the recipes in the book and so far they are all excellent.  Some of the recipes are improvements on dishes I have cooked for many years.  There is a recipe for Funeral Potatoes in the book that is the best I have ever tried.
This particular novel is set in St George, Utah.  Hoffmiller is visiting a friend for a girl’s weekend and a cancer fund raiser.  
She discovers that the main organizer of the fund raiser has disappeared after heading out for a weekend hike.  He is presumed dead.  Hoffmiller is determined to stay out of this mystery until she meets the family and understands the pain they are suffering through not knowing what happened to their loved one.
The book has many twists and turns and is a good mystery read, much better than I expected.  Kilpack’s writing is good.  She has good characters and an engaging style.  The book flows well and the story keeps you engaged.  It is a great book for a weekend in front of the fire staying out of the cold.  When you are done the recipes will provide a great ideas for meals for you and your family.  I recommend Rocky Road.  If you like mysteries with a touch of deliciousness it is a good choice.