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The Rut Less Traveled - A plane perspective

Article Date: 
2 December, 2011 (All day)


The great thing about airplanes, if you’re not afraid of heights, or easily get air sick, or enjoy feeling like a soaring sardine, is that they can get you to your destination much faster and more efficiently.  Having to find a convenient bush along the highway for a bathroom break isn’t as adventurous, but that’s the price you pay to fly the friendly skies.  From those skies, mountains become islands in a sea of clouds and the annoying noises of life are all left behind far beneath and behind you.

Like life, we all wish we could soar high above our problems and leave them below.  However, elevation doesn’t always equal elimination of problems, but having a higher perspective will give you a better directive on how to be more effective in solving them.  There’s nothing like a little altitude, to improve your attitude.  When you look at your mountains of stress from a new height, they will seem smaller, even if only temporarily and provide a window of opportunity to find the best way to climb and conquer them.  In fact, sometimes when you’re facing a difficult situation, the best policy is to wing it.  You may find that your problems are hiding in plain sight.  

No, I’m not suggesting you use the runway to run away from your problems.  Flying above your frustrations is more than an aerial escapade to escape your problems.  You’re taking flight to get clearer and cleaner air so you can see your problems not only from a new height, but in a new light.  You’re rising above the clouds and storms of life to be reminded that the sun is still shining and the storms of stress and sorrow will end.  No matter our mountains, let’s turn our flight plans into fight plans and take to the skies on new wings of hope.  It’s your turn to fly!