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School Board to Work With City and County on Young Street Bridge Proposal

Article Date: 
15 October, 2010 - 06:00

The Morgan Board of Education is working closely with city and county officials in a combined effort to construct a bridge at the south end of Young Street.  During their monthly meeting held on October 12, the Board discussed options for the exact location of the bridge and how that design might influence the location of the new bus facility. Joining the Board in the discussion were Mayor Jim Egbert, County Council Chairman Sid Creager, and City Councilman Jeff Wardell.
The idea for the bridge is not new among local government entities.  The Council of Governments has listed the project as a priority for a number of years.  Most agree that an easterly exit off Young Street has been needed for some time, especially since the completion of the highly used rec-plex sports complex.
From the school district’s perspective, increased traffic and congestion have added greatly to the risk factors of child safety.  During peak traffic flows prior to the beginning of the school day and immediately after the end of the school day have place too many vehicles in too small a place at one given time.
Local government leaders agree that the time has come to rectify the problem and plan for the future growth of the schools, city, and county.  Mayor Jim Egbert will lead the groups in solidifying a plan, seeking grants and other funds for the project, and developing a construction plan.
“We appreciate the interest of the city and county and we look forward to working with them,” concluded Board President Joey Skinner.
In other action the Board is in the process of selecting an architectural firm for the design of the P.E./Activities Center and the bus garage facility.  It is hoped that both projects could begin by the spring of 2011.  The P.E. structure will be approximately 38,000 square feet and will provide space for a host of P.E. and sports activities and trainings.  It will have a two lane track, hard surface court, and turf areas, along with offices, restrooms, classroom, balcony seating, and storage areas.  The estimated cost is $2.5 million.  The bus facility will consist of a five bay service garage and drive-through coverings for 25 to 30 buses.
Taylor Cushing, Stacie Kendall, Tami McGuire, Garrett Smith, and Logan Wilkinson were awarded their adult education diplomas.  These graduates have worked diligently in completing their degree and were congratulated by the Board and Superintendent Adams for a job well done.
Principal’s Tom McFarland and Tim Wolff reported to the Board on their efforts to coordinate the reading programs at both schools in order to enhance the level of performance of elementary students entering the middle school. Reading Specialist Annette Waller and Ruston Roberts have designed effective programs and the district is now working to coordinate their efforts into a district-wide program.
Principal Wade Murdock reported to the Board on plans for the 2011 Junior Prom.  For the past three years the prom has been held at venues outside of the district.  The Class of 2012 plans to continue this new tradition.   The prom will be held at the Eccles center.  A promenade will be presented for parents at the high school earlier in the evening.  The class will then travel to the Eccles Center for dinner and dancing.
The Board also approved a new Morgan Youth Service Club at the high school.  The club was instigated by high school students Rebekah Elton and Madison Sunday.  The mission of the club is to organize youth dedicated to the philosophy of putting service before self.  This is accomplished by encouraging youth members to become aware of the needs of others around them and then do something about it.