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Sex offender with Morgan ties scheduled for court

Article Date: 
4 December, 2012 - 14:45

Scott Logan Gollaher is scheduled to appear before Judge Noel S. Hyde in a Morgan court room Wednesday on four counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, an additional 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and one count of sodomy on a child.
Gollaher, a registered sex offender, was constructing a new home in the Morgan area when reports of sexual abuse reached the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.
On June 17, 2012, Morgan County Deputy Joseph Rohbock was called by a concerned mother whose 11-year-old daughter had been the victim of a sexual offense incident. The mother had allowed her daughter and her daughter’s cousin to go with a friend the previous day.  The three girls had traveled to Morgan to Scott Gollaher’s home at 246 E. Woods Creed Road in Morgan City.  While visiting the Morgan home, the young girl said she had been touched, spanked and continually fondled.  The visit involved a four-wheeler ride where Gollaher was the driver and the victim was his passenger in front.
The victim had been to the residence one other time a few weeks previous, which involved the girls swimming on the property in only their underwear as Gollaher looked on.
Previous to the call to deputies, the mother did not know Gollaher was a registered sex offender.According to the Utah Sex Offender Registry, Gollaher’s offenses include a 1996 conviction for sexual abuse of a child, a second degree felony.  He has three professional licenses including a contractor license as well as licenses under the names of Bustrackside LLC and Gollaher Inc.
Gollaher, a Salt Lake City resident, had recently purchased the Morgan home.  Since he was not inhabiting the home yet, he had not registered the address on the sex offender registry.  Morgan County Detective Bill Wentland said Gollaher never spent the night in Morgan, but recreated in the county on the weekends.
After interviewing the alleged victims and a witness, Wentland said he prepared a search warrant for both his Morgan and Salt Lake City homes, which were executed simultaneously on July 13.
According to police reports, a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement team served the search warrant on the Morgan home, which was under construction at the time.  The team seized a laptop and several children’s necklaces as evidence. 
Three Hispanic male workers were living in the upper level of a guest house on the property.  The guest house had a small room with locked glass doors.
“This room had the appearance of being a kid’s room,” Morgan County Sheriff Sargeant D. Scott Peay said in a July police report.  “There was a small table with two chairs.  There were built in bunk beds and two built in lofts.  A checker board was visible through the door window next to the table.  I could see no reason for this room to be locked when nothing else in the house was secured.”
Peay found several plastic children’s necklaces as well as a mini laptop computer on the floor of the room after gaining entrance.
Peay also found another 4-by-15-foot room adjoining the glass room.
“The door was metal with no windows and the locks were on the inside of the room,” according to police reports.  “The only windows were small and high up on a fake garage door.  I could see no reason or use for this room.  It was empty.”
Gollaher was found during the July 13 search warrant in Salt Lake City, along with his wife and an 11-year-old female.  An FBI and Weber County Sheriff detective, both highly-trained forensic computer experts according to police reports, assisted with the Salt Lake City warrant that day.  They located images of child pornography on Gollaher’s personal computer, as well as an image that portrayed Gollaher performing a sex act with a pre-pubescent female. 
Gollaher was placed under arrest that day for possession of child pornography and sodomy of a child.  When booked into the Weber County Jail without bail in July, it was on 10 counts of possession of child pornography and one count of sodomy of a child.