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Shaka Laka competes for small business grant

Article Date: 
22 June, 2012 (All day)

On Tuesday, June 19, Shaka Laka handed out over 500 samples of sunblock and chapstick with a retail value of well over $1,000. A tent set up across the street from the post office on State Street hosted the event.  This half day of generosity was spurred by an appeal to residents to vote for their company to qualify to be eligible to receive a $250,000 grant from “Mission: Small Business.” The contest requires 250 votes to be eligible to receive one of 12 grants offered from Chase and Living Social.  According to their website, the company is “based on the mainland in Utah, but we are all about the island style, kickin’ back, and just having fun.”  They also note that their products are made in the USA “on Da Biggah Island of Utah”
To help this local company receive the votes they need visit  They still need more help to reach the minimum 250 votes required.  
Shaka Laka was created by Morgan resident, Trevor Gilson along with his brother Tym.  Tym had experience working for another company in the same industry as Shaka Laka and last year the brothers spun off and went on their own.  The duo started Shaka Laka that specializes in chapstick, sunscreen and face blacking (associated with sports).  Their line currently offers about nine different flavors of chapstick, which they brand as Lip Blaka with SPF15.  Shaka Laka also has a line of Sun Blaka with an SPF30 in tubes, clips and sticks. They are building their client base which primarily targets colleges; however they love all their customers.  They are currently moistening lips and blocking harmful UV rays on 40 college campuses. 
Socially aware Shaka Laka has 10 foundations they contribute to including; American Cancer Society, Heart for Africa, Keep A Breast, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Pineapple Classic 5K, Life Rolls On, Living the Dream, Mauli Ola Foundation, Music Makes Music, Surfers Healing, and Teamgive.