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Snow Doesn’t Stop the Lady Trojan’s Softball Team

Article Date: 
8 April, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan High softball season has been rather slow this year due to the weather.  

The Lady Trojan’s have missed five of their pre-season games and one JV tournament, but they didn’t let the snow we received on Sunday stop them this time.  

The fields at North Summit had to be cleared delaying the game 30 minutes on Monday April 4 2011, before the Trojans could take the field.  

The Lady Trojan’s started out a little sluggish, but by the 4th inning there was no stopping them.  

Whitney Titus was 3 for 4 at bat with a double and two RBI’s,  Shay Hatch had one RBI, Raqeal Jensen scored two runs; Hannah McDermott also scored two runs with a double and was 2 for 3 at bat.  

Aimee Sowder was 2 for 3 and Eden Farnsworth had two hits and scored once with one RBI.  The Lady Trojans end up with a total of 11 hits this game.  

Whitney Titus had 14 strikeouts and only two walks.  The final Score of the game was Morgan 6 and South Summit 3.