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Sons of Utah Pioneers hold monthly meeting

Article Date: 
7 June, 2013 (All day)

The Morgan Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers held its monthly meeting on May 19 with 45  members in attendance.  
The Pioneer/Member of the Month report was given by Roger Petersen.  He was born in Salt Lake City and attended Weber High, USU and WSU.  He married Susan and they have seven children.  He gave a tribute to his mother, reading from parts of a book he wrote. His mother took care of their dairy farm after the passing of his father.  The farm was recognized as the third best run and best producing farm in Weber County.
The guest speaker was Max Molgard, director of the Evaluation Division of the Correlation Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Brother Molgard was born in Brigham City, Utah.  He  served in the Los Angeles California Mission and attended USU where he earned his B.S. Degree, then went on to receive a Master of Education Degree also from Utah State University.  He has served in the LDS Church Educational System for 29 years.  His grandfather, who joined the church in Nauvoo, had five wives and 52 children.  Some of his ancestors were members of the Mormon Battalion, members of the first pioneer wagon train, and involvement as a fur trapper.  
The Correlation Department of the Church had it’s beginnings in 1908 with substantial changes being made beginning in 1914 when  J. Reuben Clark spoke to all groups of the church and made “suggestions” which were then implemented.  The Seminary and Institute programs started to implement these “suggestions.” Seminary was begun in 1917 and started by President Joseph F. Smith.  Another part of this was Family Home Evening, which started around 1915.  
When Church Correlation started in 1908, David O. McKay instituted uniform study courses.  Prior to this, wards and stakes put their own priesthood manuals together, which would differ from unit to unit.   In 1916-1917 one of the manuals became known as the book  Jesus The Christ.  The next few years manuals became the Gospel Doctrine book.  Other good manuals followed, including the Presidents of the Church manuals developed under the direction of President Hinkley. 
In the 1960’s, the church expanded into a world-wide church.  However, all areas were working separately such as the Relief Society, Mutual Improvement  Association, the Sunday School etc.  Each area was independent of each other and wanted to “guard” their own areas.  In 1961,  there were three general committees divided into the three age groups; children, youth and adult.  In 1963, Home Teaching replaced the old program known as Ward Teaching and Ward Councils were implemented at this same time.   In 1971 the church came out with the current three magazines: The Friend, The New Era and the Ensign.  Finally, in 1972 the Church organized the Church Correlation Department which correlates and audits all areas.
In 1980 the new block system was put in place, which was a result of the efforts of the Correlation Department’s work and efforts.  In 1988 the three general committees evolved into one committee with the First Presidency and the Quorum of theTwelve being the main members.