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Sterling Scholars recognized by Holcim

Article Date: 
5 April, 2013 (All day)

Two neighboring schools, located in neighboring counties, honored their 2013 Sterling Scholars on March 21.  The students met at Larry’s Spring Chicken Inn, upon invitation on behalf of Holcim Cement Plant.  
Plant Manager Keith Krugh welcomed the North Summit High School and Morgan High School Sterling Scholars and guests. Krugh said he was privileged to meet with these students and upcoming leaders of tomorrow.  
Counselors Rhonda Butcher of North Summit along with Linda Morrison and Carol Pentz of Morgan were also acknowledged and thanked for their dedication and time on behalf of these Sterling Scholar candidates.  Principals Russ Hendry of North Summit and Wade Murdock of Morgan were in attendance to introduce each of the candidates to the audience.
Guest speaker for the 2013 Sterling Scholar Recognition Banquet was President Emeritus of Salt Lake Community College, Dr. Frank Budd.
Budd currently serves as the executive director of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association.  Beginning his career as a patrol officer in Oceanside, Calif., he worked also as a detective assigned to the juvenile division and as a patrol sergeant.  
Changing careers to college teaching, he taught at Michigan Technological University, then on to Central Arizona College and Yavapai College in Prescott, Ariz. There he was the director of police science programs.  
He spent the next 17 years still affiliated in various directorships and Riverside Sheriff’s Academy, then on to dean of occupational education and vice president of Academic Services.  From 1991 through 2001 he served as president of Salt Lake Community College, and also served on various councils as a member, chair and commission member (with the Utah Alcohol Beverage Commission).  Adding to his professional career and following retirement, he moved to Weber State University as a regent professor of criminal justice.  
With this expertise, he gave some great advice to the students now approaching their final year in high school and then on to the “real world” – making decisions along the way which would lead to their ladder of education and goals.
“Education is the key to your success,” he stated.  He also stated that ”This does not always mean a ‘college degree’ is the answer, but achieving some kind of skill, no matter what or where.  Just try and do something to do someday.”
The goals you set may not always be the ones you achieve, as you may think you are going to do what you want to, but keep the options open and don’t get so narrow you can’t go down another road.
He went on to advise students to beware of student loans that you never realistically may be able to pay off.  He told them to balance what you think you can make so you can pay them back.  He then re-emphasized, “Don’t load up on student loans.”
His other advice to these students in their future plans and education was first to always be reliable and dependable…show up to work and work until the job is done.  Second, apply what is learned in the job. Think, and know how to learn. Third is learning to be able to work in teams – adding to and applying to other’s skills. Understand that you are not the only person in the world.
“With this advice, one can remember what you learned in kindergarten. Share, play fair, wash, flush, nap, hold hands in traffic, and that warm milk and cookies go great together,” Budd said.
Plant Manager Keith Krugh announced that he was taking a new position in Louisiana this year still with Holcim.  He has enjoyed getting to know this community and working with them in the many projects which they have helped with.  
Holcim‘s policy is to give back to the community doing worthwhile projects which can be enjoyed by others.  He personally congratulated each Sterling Scholar candidate and presented them with a book and certificate of recognition.