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Strength of Love authored by local writer

Article Date: 
30 November, 2012 (All day)

Local writer Jeremy Taylor had a dream to become a published author when he started his business, C.N.F.I. Publishing (Creative Notion Foundation of Imagination), in 2003.  He has accomplished this by believing in his dreams and working towards them.  “I do believe that if an individual believes deeply enough one can accomplish their goals!” Taylor expresses on his blog,   “I had to believe in my own abilities and in my dreams.”
Taylor began writing song lyrics in middle school when he was inspired by heavy metal bands.  His interest in writing grew and his focus turned to poetry.  He claims over 2,000 poems written on diverse topics.  The company, C.N.F.I. Publishing, is divided into three aspects: Inspirational, Publishing, and Graphics.  Taylor handles all aspects of the business himself.  
His most recent work is Silhouette of Dreaming Passion, a work he dedicated to a friend our community recently lost, Marnie Stark.  Taylor describes this endeavor as a process of remembering.  He felt a sense of duty as a friend to complete this work and has dedicated the work to her memory.   
While his work is primarily online and in chapbooks, he had a children’s book published in August of this year.  Strength of Love children’s poetry book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble currently online only.   “I have an idea of what a child’s creativity is and match that with words that are surreal or life like.” Taylor explained his goal is to help readers feel and understand.  
The Morgan High graduate has found it “a long and interesting experience” to get his business to where it is.  “It has been a process expanded from theory,” he explains.  Over the years he has developed his unique writing style.  
Believing in dreams and aspirations is a key idea to Jeremy and he has come this far by not giving up.  “Dreams are only real, until you don’t believe,” a lyric that is important to him, illustrates his motto to “Believe in yourself and in your abilities!”
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