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Talents Shine at Morgan Middle School

Article Date: 
25 February, 2011 - 06:00

    The Morgan Middle School gym was filled as they recognized the talents of many of their students at their talent assembly.  There were many great performances.  The performers included:
•Heather Heywood singing The Star Spangled Banner
•Jacob Rice played the violin to the tune Swallowtail-Devil’s Dream
•Rachel Caldwell sang Put Your Records On
•Olivia Richards performed a piano solo Joy to the World
•Taylor Harames sang The House that Built Me
•Devin Rees played What I’ve Done on the piano
•A girls quartet, ”Unordinary Girls” (Krysta Ley Palmer, Kennedy Thomas, Kaitlyn Morgan and Bryn Ripley) sang Typical Girl
•RegAnne Hales played a piano solo Peaceful Interlude
• Talyor Sowder sang Firework
•Leif Lofgren played Eye of the Storm  on piano
• Madison Shinn sang Our Song
•The trio, “Skittles Band” (Paige Price, Dani Newton and Abigail Lyman) sang and danced to the beat of Dynomite
• Maddie Russell played on piano and sang My Heart Will Go On
•Jessica Dougall sang You Belong with Me

•An electric guitar duo by “Borderline”(iParker Lyman and Spencer Kotter) played the music Sweet Child O’Mine
•Alexandria Taylor sang  Angel
•“The Musketeers” (Bobby Apedaile, Spencer Watkins, and Brigham Anderson) performed a skit titled Hot Kool-Aid
•Nikki Davis and Camryn Davis sang and danced to Katy Perry vs Kesha
•Deirdra Gualco sang a Morgan County version of Mississippi Girl called Morgan County Girl
•Kirsten Bennett played a piano solo Fur Elise
•Jeremy Lucas played, on guitar, Sweet Home Alabama
•Ethan Willden sang When September Ends
•Dallen Smith played, on piano, Boot Camp Boogie
The final performance was by Vannesa York and Francis Fukofuka.  They  danced to “ Polynesian Dancer”. The performance received a standing ovation from the entire audience. Fukofuka is from New Zealand and was asked to share a little about the country and his experience there and the cultural differences between New Zealand and Morgan.
Fukofuka said that in New Zealand, one way students are disciplined is “ the students would have to crawl to the teacher,”  He also observed the differences in clothing. He said that the girls would have to wear their skirt length to their ankles and don’t cut their hair until they are married.
The talents of the students were many and varied and each added to the spirit of the assembly.  Their time and effort in preparing was apparent.  Their talent is a great example of the capabilities of the youth in Morgan.