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Teen Square - Impressing the Opposite Gender

Article Date: 
11 November, 2011 (All day)


Girls think that boys are stupid, and boys think that girls are indecisive.  But what is the reality of it? Aren’t we all just trying to make the other gender pleased and impressed? I am going to explain from my observations of the girl’s side and the boy’s side. Girls are indecisive a lot because we don’t want to pick a place to eat or pick a movie and have the guys not pleased with the choice. We just want the boys to have fun too! And guys, we travel to the bathroom in a group to not only ask each other if we look okay, but also IT’S THE BUDDY SYSTEM. Boys act the way they do because they are boys, they aren’t mind readers. We can’t just expect them to know what is what. They do things all the time to show that they care, for example, when a boy asks a girl if they can carry something for you, don’t say no and let them do it! Give them that opportunity to be a gentleman. Same goes for opening doors, let them do it! Boys and girls do these things for a reason, and the reason is to impress and please the other gender. Girls think differently than boys and vise a versa. Girls, boys aren’t stupid, they are gentlemen. Boys, and aren’t indecisive, they are caring. We are different, but we are also the same.