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Top administrators announce employment changes in effort to save district money

Article Date: 
15 June, 2012 (All day)

The school district is in financial trouble, enough that two top administrators are doing something drastic to save costs.
Superintendent Ken Adams announced his retirement, effective April 16, 2013.  The state retirement board has already approved the move, Adams said.
He will continue to volunteer time as superintendent until his contract expires at the end of June of 2013.  Those two and a half months that the district will not have to pay his salary, retirement, or benefits will save enough money to keep at least one teacher in the classroom, he said.
“The school board understands and the public needs to understand we are out of options and the economy is not recovering,” Superintendent Ken Adams said.
Mike Madeo, who began employment with the district as Morgan Middle School principal in 2008, will step down as principal.  Instead, he will assume the role of assistant principal at the same school, which will result in less base pay and contract days.  In addition, Madeo will assist with the high school track and football programs.
Madeo will effectively swap places with Terry Allen, who has been serving as the Morgan Middle School vice principal.  His employment with the district began in June of 2000.
Adams’ and Madeo’s administrative changes represent an estimated $60,000 in savings to the district, Adams said.
“It will save a considerable amount of money, and keep a teacher in the classroom,” said Adams, who counts 38 years in his educational career.  “We are getting close to the end of our careers, and it is time to let someone else have the opportunity.”
The district will likely begin searching for a new superintendent in March or April of 2013.
“The district’s been good to me, I appreciate what they’ve done.  I owe them my career,” Adams said.  “I hope this will give a little bit back.”
It seems many are looking at ways to give back during an economy that is not being as kind to district budgets.
Several school board members have voluntarily given up their pay, which is $3,000 per year plus the option to participate in district health insurance.
School Board President Joey Skinner said boardmembers have donated some or all of their compensation to the Morgan Education Foundation.  This money helps fund teacher grants or the operations budget, he said.
Adams is quick to point out that with recent budgetary cuts that have reduced teacher planning time and contract days, all district employees are making income sacrifices for the 2012-2013 school year.