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Trojans Kick Off Season with Final Minute Win

Article Date: 
26 August, 2011 (All day)


Morgan faced off against the Maple Mountain Golden Eagles.  Maple Mountain High School opened in fall of 2009 as a brand new school.  It is located in Spanish Fork (on the border of Spanish Fork and Mapleton) but pulls in all high school students living in Mapleton and some students living in eastern Spanish Fork.

 Most Spanish Fork students attend Spanish Fork High School. Maple Mountain’s mascot is the Golden Eagles. The Golden Eagles are coached by former Morgan Coach Brad Burtenshaw, who coached Morgan High for six years. Given the newness of Maple Mountain’s program Burtenshaw said, “They’ve got good size now,” he said. “They never had that the last couple years because they were so young.” Burtenshaw also mentioned that coaching a new team is very different from coaching a team strong in tradition like the Morgan High Trojans. 

This was the first pre-season game for Morgan as they challenged the Golden Eagles. It was a great start to the 2011 Season, as the two maroon teams went head to head for a victory. 

Maple Mountain started the match with the first touch down of the game, but Morgan Trojans were no sleeping giant, they came right back within minutes to tie the game.  Morgan followed this up with two more touchdowns ending the first half in the lead with a score of Morgan 20, Maple Mountain 10.

The third quarter was all Maple Mountain as they added two touchdowns to their tally to end the third quarter with a tied game of 20 to 20.  Maple Mountain then took an early lead in the fourth quarter as they pulled ahead with a touchdown.  As the minutes counted down and Morgan had not scored the tension built.  Morgan scored a touchdown with only  a minute and a half remaining and then followed this up with a field goal to clinch their first win of the season with a final score of Morgan 30, Maple Mountain 27.  

After the game, coach Burtenshaw of Maple Mountain said, “Coming here has made me appreciate the stronger programs in the state.  They know what it means to be successful, and the kids expect it, they’re not trying to figure it out!” Congratulations to the Morgan Trojans and their coaches for the win, but also for the excellent show of sportsmanship displayed on and off the field!