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Utah Opera brings the gift of song to MMS

Article Date: 
31 January, 2014 (All day)

Tuesday afternoon students at Morgan Middle School had quite the treat as they were entertained by resident artists from the Utah Opera. 
It was a rare opportunity, as the opera is only able to make it around to each school in Utah approximately every three to five years. After hearing about this program, MMS Principal Terry Allen got excited and thought it would be beneficial to students at the school and set up the assembly.
The story the opera presented began with a man named Nemorino who had fallen in love with a beautiful lady, Adina. Nemorino, a country bumpkin, had little hope of winning her love as Adina tormented him with her indifference. His desire is made all the more impossible as Sergeant Belcore, a confident soldier, comes into town. Brazenly, Belcore proposed to Adina at their first meeting, but fortunately for Nemorino, Adina would not have him. 
Shortly a doctor professing to have magic potions arrives. Dr. Dulcamara sells Nemorino a magic love potion for 50 cents, all the money poor Nemorino had. As Nemorino drinks the potion, he feels a change come upon him and hopes that Adina will see this change and fall in love with him. Nemorino begins to sing as the potion (which he does not know is really Gatorade) takes its effect. Unfortunately this makes Adina think him a fool. 
Desperate, he seeks the doctor again looking for another bottle of potion. With no money to purchase the bottle, he is turned away. Seeing Belcore, he announces his troubles and Belcore offers him $50 if he will sign up to be a soldier in the army. Anxious and not really wanting to sign up, he does so hoping to win Adina’s love. Knowing he tricked Nemorino, Belcore sang out “rival defeated, that’s another battle one.”
After finding out what had inspired Adina and realizing Nemorino’s love was real, she went straight to Belcore and convinced him to discard the papers binding him to military duty. Nemorino is free! Nemorino and Adina finally declare their love toward one another.
With specially crafted rhythms, using urgent patterns and vocal color, the artists were able to express to the students what they were feeling even at times the students might not have been able understand the words spoken. Students were not able to only find enjoyment in the story, but were also able to learn along the way what trios and quartets were.  
Allen is grateful for opportunities like this for the students, “so that they can be exposed to different fine art genres.” He continues, “I feel that they can learn that the fine arts do not have to necessarily to be boring and they can gain enjoyment from things that they may not have been exposed to before.”
For students who enjoyed Tuesday’s performance, there is information in the MMS office on how to obtain tickets to additional Utah Opera and Symphony performances.