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What is required to get a business liscence?

Article Date: 
3 February, 2012 (All day)

There has been questions about business licenses in Morgan City. Is it difficult? What is required for a business license?

Every business varies from services and items sold, the location of the prospective business also plays a factor, in the what needs to be done to set-up business in Morgan City.

To apply for a business license and establish a business in Morgan City, it may require more than just the application.

Teresa Shope from Morgan City Planning and Zoning,” A business maybe required to have a ‘permitted use’ permit or a ‘conditional use’ permit ( is a permit with conditions). The Conditional Use Permit, is presented by city planning commission after conditions they have requested, are met. 

Ms Shope outlined procedures:

• The business applications are available at Morgan City Office, the application along with a site plan that details the business and location needs to be completed and submitted to the city.

• This site plan should include such information as: dimensions; work station areas; parking; hours of business; number of people who will be occupying the building, and how the business will operate.

• Then once the site plan has been submitted, it needs to meet the approval of plan as per ordinance by the City Planner, Steve Garside; plan and inspection as per building codes by the City Inspector, Mark Schmid; plan and inspection as per Fire Codes by the Fire Marshall, Dave Rich.

Once these approvals have been met, the application will be able to be processed and the business license received. 

Along with the business license application, the applicant will also receive instructions how to register their business with the State.  J.C. Chilson from Morgan City office said once the business application is submitted, she checks with the State, that the business has registered, before issuing the business license.

Ms.Shope pointed out anyone interested in starting their own business need to check the guidelines at the Morgan City’s website.”New business guidelines” as posted on the home page. 

  Here is a basic guideline:

• Check if your business is an allowed use in the zone that you have chosen prior to leasing or purchasing.

•  Morgan City website:


• Call Planning and Zoning Department (801) 829-3461 ext.1065

• The Morgan City Building inspector must be contacted to ensure the building is in compliance with the desired business to be conducted. Mark Schmid (801) 829-3461 ext 1078.

• Not every building is suited for every use.  Changing the use for a building often triggers code issues (sometimes costly) that need to be discussed and understood, prior to purchasing or leasing.

•  If any remodeling is to be done, a building permit must be issued.

• It is required to have a Morgan City Business license to conduct any business within the City limits.

• Licensing Official (801) 829-3461 ext. 1062.

• Contact the Morgan City office for requirements.

• Complete the application and pay the required fee.

If you chose to have a business operated in your home, a home occupation application needs to be filled out, pay the processing fee and receive an approval by the Planning Commission prior to the issuing of a Business License.


Also found on the city website are online codes. Referring to the one of the codes helps to point out the purpose and the position of the city and the business owner/ occupant according to “Zoning Regulations”

Codes spelled out in Title 10 ,the Zoning Regulations, chapter 1 section 4 reads as follows:

10-1-4: PURPOSE:The purpose of this title, and for which reason it is deemed necessary and for which it is designed and enacted, is to preserve and promote the health, safety, morals, convenience, order, and the general welfare of the city, and its present and future inhabitants, and the public generally, and in particular to:

A. Encourage and facilitate the orderly growth and expansion of the city;

B. Secure economy in governmental expenditures;

C. Provide adequate light, air and privacy to meet the ordinary or common requirements of happy, convenient and comfortable living of the municipality’s inhabitants, and to foster a wholesome social environment:

D. Enhance the economic well-being of the municipality and its inhabitants;

E. Facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, recreation and other public requirements;

F. Prevent the overcrowding of land and the undue concentration of population;

G. Stabilize and conserve property values;

H. Encourage the development of an attractive and beautiful community; and

I. Promote the development of the city in accordance with the city general plan. (Ord. 040202, 4-2-2002)


This is one of sixteen regulations listed under Zoning. The online codes are divided into twelve chapters, pertaining to the many aspects of the city operations. The chapters are: 

1. Administration

2. Boards and Commissions 

3. Business and License Regulation 

4. Public Health and Safety 

5. Police Regulations 

6. Motor Vehicles and Traffics 

7. Public Ways and Property 

8. Utilities

9. Building Regulations 

10. Zoning Regulations 

11. Subdivision Regulations

12. Flood Control   

When you look at the new business guidelines, at the online page you see a sign that says” The Beginning”  then below it states “We would like to help make sure your business experience in Morgan City is a pleasant one.”

The city meetings are also listed on the website and unless specified are open to the public.