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You might be “M”organic…

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


Most of you probably think if you have lived in Morgan for 30 years or more that you have earned your “ite” status as in Morganite.   A Morgan”ite” is someone who has lived in Morgan for more than 30 years.  “M”organic…is someone who has taken it past the “ite” status no matter how many years lived hear, and sometimes resorts to eccentricities in apparel or other areas of mind set! 

It hit me one day at the homecoming football game that I had moved from my Morganite status to a modern day status as “M”organic!  I was dressed in my all maroon wear, and even equipped with my maroon happy-clappy hands, and my plastic maroon bugle, and maroon blanket, not to forget my maroon umbrella sitting there with the rest of the “Morganic” group, waiting for our favorite past time of Morgan sports to begin…

Have you taken it past the “ite” status? You might be Morganic if…

1. You know and can repeat every word of the school song, and think its part of the national anthem.

2. If almost every outfit in your closet consists of some shade of maroon. Including you own at least 3 pairs of maroon socks.

3. You know that the lizard seen on the mountain refers to the weather status of how long the winter will last, and not some big dangerous lizard.

4. If the only place you teach your family to go in any emergency is to the “M”, if there’s a flood you go to the “M”, if there’s a fire you go to the “M” if you lock yourself out the house, you go to the “M”, if there’s an earthquake or tornado you go to the “M”.  

5. You keep a pair of binoculars handy by your kitchen window, in case you need to locate your kids…on the “M.”

6. You can remember your bowling scores from week to week but not your wife’s birthday.  When your wife talks about going for a nice little country walk down the lane, you get excited, because you think she’s talking about bowling.

7. You get all your neighbors visited all on one drive to the grocery store, as you stop your car in the middle of the road and talk to each one passing by.

8. Your social hour begins the moment you get out of your car, and 3 hours later as you get out of the grocery store.

9. You know that the great sands of the island road, isn’t some tropical resort but refers to sandbags 

10.  You reveal your first, second and third generation history line of people     you are related to, also including the ones in the cemetery, before you begin any conversation.

11. You have learned to drive with your knees, so you can wave with both hands. 

12.  You have ever owned or received a mink fur for a gift, and given it away because of your memory of being bitten by a mink when you were a kid working at the mink farm. 

13.  You have ever fallen off the big metal slide at the Morgan City Park, and lived to tell about it. 

14. If you’ve waited and waited for the bus in sub zero weather and realized it wasn’t coming back up the road as it had gone in the ditch.  Or had the bus wait for you outside of your house as you get your shoes on.

15. If you’ve ever had to plant your garden more then one time in the  summer, because someone’s horses, or cows, or goats got out and ate all of your produce. 

16. If you can’t find “Morgan”ese  as a language option on a job application. (My son told me one day he knew what language we spoke in Morgan that it is Morganese!)

17.  If you dream in Maroon and White Forever.