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4 Dec 2014 - 15:11

Christmas is a time of giving, charity and spending time with loved ones.  In an effort to assist those in need in our own community, the Morgan food pantry is asking residents to join in the spirit of the season and take their families to dinner.

4 Dec 2014 - 15:11

A trip on Trappers Loop, or State Route 167, turned fatal the day before Thanksgiving.  On Wednesday, Nov. 26, just minutes before midnight, a 2008 red Mazda was traveling southbound in Morgan County and became involved in a single vehicle roll over at mile post 2.  According to the Utah Highway Patrol, excessive speed and no seatbelt use were factors that lead to two fatalities.

20 Nov 2014 - 13:51

The holidays are generally filled with shopping and stress.  It is rare that we actually take the time to step away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a day with our families.  
This time of year Commercial Street gets a Christmastime face lift to prepare for the Ol’ Time Christmas on Commercial Street celebration.  It is Morgan City’s way of saying “thank you” to its residents.

13 Nov 2014 - 12:35

As more and more tractors fill the empty lot next to the local Ace Hardware store, clearing land and hauling away debris, it is becoming apparent that Morgan City will be home to the newest Tractor Supply Company location.

30 Oct 2014 - 13:23

While the news of a tragic accident that took the life of a 5-year-old hit state media sources last week, the continuing story is the outpouring of love and financial support the Townley family.

23 Oct 2014 - 15:53

One of the things people love most about Morgan County is the small town feel.  This down home feeling is most obvious around the holidays in Morgan.  Here are the Halloween events going on all around us.
Trick-or-Treat Street
Everyone knows that Halloween in Morgan City means “Trick-or-Treat Street.”  This event that takes place on Oct. 31, from 4-6 p.m. is just as much fun to watch as it is to be a part of.  When you turn onto State Street or Commercial, it is like stepping back in time to a street full of children dressed up as their favorite haunt.

23 Oct 2014 - 15:53
Beloved couple never left each other's sides, even in death

Glenn and JoAnn Allgood left this life the same way they lived this life--together.  JoAnn Allgood had suffered recently from dementia and Glenn was by her side every second helping her through it. Glenn kept driving his tow truck until very recently when he discovered an old cancer had returned. The couple's love story would come to a nearly simultaneous close. After driving tow trucks and school buses for decades, the two died one day apart.

16 Oct 2014 - 13:45

One of the reasons Morgan County is frequently named the healthiest county in Utah is because of the variety of exercise  options in the area.
While there are a welcome array of gym options in Morgan City, the loss of the Lone Tree fitness center left a void for many Mountain Green residents.  Locals expressed their desires for something to fill that void, and Mountain Green resident Jenn Whiting, along with her business partner Angie Siddoway, will soon be doing their best to make sure all those needs are met.

9 Oct 2014 - 00:01

The holidays are filled with fun and tradition wherever you go, but very few communities have such a wide array of things you can participate in for free.   The city, local businesses and community members all pitch in to make sure that there are plenty of fall holiday memories made right here at home.

3 Oct 2014 - 12:23

While working out kinks with utility companies, progress on the Morgan Bike Park has been a little slower than anticipated.  However, the Morgan County Council has caught organizer Jason Johnson’s vision and has unanimously allowed him another three years to build up the park.  

2 Oct 2014 - 11:55

The Morgan Stars showed their strength and endurance at the region Special Olympics swim meet this weekend.  The competition was held at Utah State University and seven Morgan Olympians swam their hearts out.
Katie Carter, Maddie Francis, Katie Kearsley, Chiara Johnson, Matt Allen and Jackson Sommers dove right in and came out ahead of most of the competition.  

2 Oct 2014 - 11:55

Two Morgan County residents set impressive records on Saturday, Sept. 27 at Thanksgiving Point during the 25th annual Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers (UGPG) giant pumpkin weigh-off.
Rain poured down like a river from heaven as giant pumpkin growers from around the state and their fans gathered to see who had grown the biggest pumpkin. The weather did not dampen the spirits of the contestants as each of them in turn placed their prize pumpkin on the scale from smallest to largest.
Tension mounted and there was an electricity in the air as the final pumpkin of the day was gently placed on the scale. When the weight was revealed, the crowd went wild. It was like Rocky I.

19 Sep 2014 (All day)

Whether it be kids cooking classes, crock pot freezer meals, family night cooking, date night cooking, summer cooking camps, college cooking or even a baby shower and birthday party at Spoon and Spatula Cooking School, owner Staci Lane lets real-life experience serve as her guide.

19 Sep 2014 (All day)

Last year Lewis Frongner received eight WWII awards nearly 60 years after serving in the army.   These honors have been meaningful to the Morgan resident, who accepted them with pride and happiness.  However, the late-coming accolades didn’t end with the presentation by Senator Orrin Hatch last year. Frongner has been selected to join other WWII veterans on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.   

19 Sep 2014 (All day)

On Monday, Sept. 15, 2014, the Sons of the Utah Pioneers listened to William O Nelson, former director of LDS Church Correlation, describe five miracles that have empowered The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and all of these have occurred within the last 25 years.

18 Sep 2014 - 14:14

Last year Lewis Frongner received eight WWII awards nearly 60 years after serving in the army.   These honors have been meaningful to the Morgan resident, who accepted them with pride and happiness.  However, the late-coming accolades didn’t end with the presentation by Senator Orrin Hatch last year. Frongner has been selected to join other WWII veterans on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.   

18 Sep 2014 - 14:14

On Sept. 15, 2014, community members sat in the shade of two giant poplar trees at Riverside Park to honor Albert Douglas Dickson, pioneer of the Dickson family here in Morgan County, by adding his name to the pioneer monument at the park’s entrance.  
The memorial speech was given by David D. Dickson, a grandson.  Albert was born while his parents were visiting his maternal grandmother in Porter County, Indiana.  The Dickson family had been residents of Nauvoo, Illinois, at the time of Albert’s birth.

12 Sep 2014 (All day)

Seven Morgan County residents threw their hat in the ring in March for a chance to sit on the Utah State School Board for District 1.  Only one was allowed to progress in the selection process, which a federal judge declared unconstitutional last week.

12 Sep 2014 (All day)

We have enjoyed a great summer of reading throughout Morgan County.  With kids and adults who love to read and seek adventure through great books, it was an adventure for all of us. This year we had 3,233 prizes earned, 437,550 pages and 17,480 books read by our patrons.  What an amazing summer of reading!

12 Sep 2014 (All day)

Jesse Haven is among the influential pioneers who helped settle the Morgan Valley.  Few remember him, but a little time and a trip down the lane in front of Billy Weaver’s home and the Wardel Mink Ranch will give the Morgan County historian a rare glimpse of the past.  

11 Sep 2014 - 14:00

Newcomers to Morgan County may not know much about Commercial Street, or Front Street as it used to be called, but before the freeways came to town it was the place to be. Townsfolk say it used to be tough to find a parking spot some weekends.  
Some remember it so fondly, they can’t wait to see this street revitalized and booming with life once more. Resident and owner of “Glassed Up,” Lisa Gilgen, said, “As I opened my shop in April of this year, I kept thinking about how much I would love to see Commercial Street become a thriving street again.” Because of this, she decided to step up and do something about it.
Gilgen approached other business owners on the street and together, they came up with a plan. “Quite a few people aren’t even aware that there are new shops open on Commercial Street.  I know if all of the businesses work together to promote a new vitality, we will all benefit,” praised Gilgen.

5 Sep 2014 (All day)

Morgan motorists may be subject to 
emissions testing

5 Sep 2014 (All day)

The American Red Cross encourages eligible donors to help ensure a stable and diverse blood supply by giving blood in honor of National Sickle Cell Awareness Month this September.

5 Sep 2014 (All day)

By now most people who have lived in Morgan for any period of time have had a friend, relative or neighbor who has participated in the Morgan Community Choir.  Going into their 16th year, the choir has made an impression on individuals and the community.  

28 Aug 2014 - 16:00

World War II tore the world apart and brought our country together as young men and women served their nation with valor.  One of those courageous servicemen, Keith Little, joined the Navy at 18, traveling across the world from his hometown of Morgan.
First stationed on the battleship USS New Mexico and then on the USS Missouri, Little worked diligently as a radio intercept operator.  With skill he copied radio traffic and broke codes to aid the United States with knowledge on locations and information coming from the other side.  
Like many others who have seen war firsthand, Little does not speaks very much about his service in the Navy.  His silence may be out of necessity more than others.  Little’s mission was extremely secretive.  The family reports that his name wasn’t even recorded as being on the ship.  
After Little’s service, he had the option to go home immediately on a ship or go to another area to attend a ceremony and receive his awards.

22 Aug 2014 (All day)

Former Morgan resident Melissa Wilson, daughter of Ed and Sharlene Olsen, will be sharing her newfound talent with The Morgan County News in the form of her cartoon strip, Wonders and Blunders.  

22 Aug 2014 (All day)

On Wednesday, July 30, the skilled and the brave took their turn at the Morgan County Fair ATV Rodeo.  This annual event drew crowds to the arena at the fairgrounds in spite of earlier rainstorms.  The skies were clear; however, after several days of rain the arena brought a whole new challenge. Now the contestants didn’t just have to beat the clock, they also had to contend with MUD! 

22 Aug 2014 (All day)

On Monday, Aug. 18, the Sons of the Utah Pioneers, Morgan Chapter, received a powerful lesson on temples from one of the LDS Church’s most able speakers on the subject.  Edward J. Brandt, Ph.D., former director of Church Correlation and recent past president of the Columbus, Ohio, Temple, spoke to the assembled group on “Temples Past and Present.”

22 Aug 2014 (All day)

On Thursday, Aug. 14, the Thursday Trail Riders of Morgan County visited Old Ephraim’s Grave in Logan, Utah. 

22 Aug 2014 (All day)

Everyone knows that business is starting to boom again on historic Commercial Street. What you might have missed is how much these new businesses have evolved.

22 Aug 2014 (All day)

More than 200 people crowded the Morgan County Courthouse auditorium during a public hearing Aug. 14 to amend the county’s future land map in the East Canyon area to eventually make way for a new 2,980-acre resort.  The landowners asked the planning commission to consider re-designating 2,980 acres currently designated natural resources and recreation to master planned community.

15 Aug 2014 (All day)

“Goodbye, happy home,” sighed Nellie Nelson as she and her husband left their home on Dalton Creek in 1911.  Walter and Nellie Nelson had traded their happy, cozy home on Dalton Creek for a farm in Milton (1585 N. Morgan Valley Drive) so their four young children could be within walking distance of the school.

14 Aug 2014 - 13:35

Tuesday morning, 40 Holcim employees were encouraged to forgo their regular workday to offer service instead.  They loaded their gear and headed to the Morgan Lions Club lodge.
The volunteers arrived early, filling the parking area with pickup trucks, flatbed trailers and cement trucks.  As work began, the grassy area was loaded up with old railings and faulty pieces of wood to make way for updated cement stairs and a new patio behind the facility. 

8 Aug 2014 (All day)

Jeremy Evans was welcomed to the Trojan Center with big cheers. Youth watched with wide eyes as this 6’9” Utah Jazz forward walked into the building. Evans was all smiles and gave incredibly high fives to all the mini basketball fans.

8 Aug 2014 (All day)

Despite the rain, this year’s county fair was a success and many are pointing to the demolition derby as a jewel in the fair crown.

7 Aug 2014 - 13:12

Torrential rains and water flowing out of Lost Creek Canyon caused a mudslide Monday that threatened the Ron Crouch home at 3000 N. 7000 E. in Croydon.  Mud and debris flowed onto the road, making it impassable in places.  County emergency crews responded and closed the road to facilitate clean-up efforts.

7 Aug 2014 - 13:07

Every rodeo begins with the National Anthem and Old Glory waving her famous red, white and blue.  The Special Needs Rodeo was no different.  Larry Turner proudly rode around the arena on horseback, presenting the Stars and Stripes, while David Olsen honorably sang the National Anthem.  
After the brief opening, Turner and Olsen joined over 20 other special needs cowboys and cowgirls in the arena to experience the thrill of a rodeo.  They came with all different abilities but with the same chance to participate. 

7 Aug 2014 - 12:48

As families with small children arrived at the Morgan County Fair to participate in the children’s games, local businesses, families and individuals gathered Saturday in the Ray W. Little Education Pavilion to purchase sheep, hogs and steers in support of area youth.  
Each youth can show as many animals as they would like, but you can only sell one animal in the junior livestock event.  This year 150 animals were sold, which means that 150 youth raised livestock for this occasional.  That is a lot of responsibility for kids this age and gives them a great chance to learn about and respect where their food comes from.
For almost a year, junior livestock participants must learn to properly feed, care for and exercise their animals.  This is no small task.  Especially for those raising steers that weigh ten times what the children raising them weigh.

1 Aug 2014 (All day)

Every year local youth look forward to an appearance from one of our very own Utah Jazz players.  For the second year in a row, Morgan kids will have the opportunity to meet 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Champion Jeremy Evans on Monday, Aug. 4.  

1 Aug 2014 (All day)

For some, the American military in Germany is a mystery. By participating in the 2014 Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag, the 21st Theater Sustainment Command is able to break down the barriers of its fences and show the local nationals everyone is a part of the same community.

1 Aug 2014 (All day)

“There’s only one thing worse than riding a dry sheep, and that’s riding a wet one!” Monday night’s announcer said as riders slipped right off the livestock.  

1 Aug 2014 (All day)

The Milton Roundup brought nearly 500 people to the Milton Park on Pioneer Day.  An old fashioned potluck dinner, pony rides, games, bounce house, rock wall and music entertained the crowd from infants to the elderly.  

1 Aug 2014 (All day)

Morgan County’s 11-year run with the Widowmaker Hillclimb has come to an end.

1 Aug 2014 (All day)

The Morgan County Fair Board is excited about the 2014 fair already underway.  This dedicated bunch has been working hard to ensure this year will continue to be a success!  While there is too much to say about the fair, here are some highlights. 

1 Aug 2014 (All day)

The Morgan company Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) will be having their summer social on Wednesday, Aug. 13 from 6-8 p.m. at Riverside Park. 

31 Jul 2014 - 18:00
Community rallies to thank firefighters

As of Monday, July 28, the Morgan County fire dubbed the Tunnel Hollow fire was completely contained.  The fire was ignited by lightening on Sunday, July 20, and grew as windy conditions blew the flames up the mountainside.
Thankfully, the breeze also blew in a rain storm that provided much needed precipitation to help contain the last four percent of the blaze.
Eight smokejumper teams, a HotShot team and seven hand crew teams were brought in to fight the fire that eventually ate up 1,600 acres of land in Morgan County. 

31 Jul 2014 - 16:18

Morgan County’s 11-year run with the Widowmaker Hillclimb has come to an end.
“It was a family decision we are no longer going to do the Widowmaker because of liability and insurance,” said Logan Wilde, who helps run the family ranch.
For years, the Wilde family was able to buy insurance through various programs for $5,000 a year for the event.  When previous programs stopped offering insurance, new insurance quotes were just too much for the family to swallow.

31 Jul 2014 - 16:14

This year’s wrangler contest was a little different than in the past thanks to the weather. The much needed rain couldn’t damper the spirits of these young cowboys. Their dedication to the sport was evident in each ride.
Jon Cannon graciously offered the use of his equestrian facility, Graceland, located on Island Road. It turned out to be the perfect solution under the circumstances.

31 Jul 2014 - 16:11

Kendal Kingsley, daughter of David & Linda Kingsley, earned a title and received a crown that no one outside of our county has ever done before.  Kingsley was named Morgan County Fair Queen on Monday July 29.
Morgan County fair royalty contest has traditionally been a closed contest, only allowing Morgan residents to enter.  However, because of low interest, the queen division was opened to contestants outside of Morgan County, making Kingsley the first non-resident Morgan County Fair Queen in contest history.