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  • Three days after stepping into the role of Prime Minister, Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons.  It was May, 1940, and the world was amid one of the greatest conflicts of all time.  As England faced the foe, Churchill focused on gathering his various opposing party leaders to form a War Cabinet in order to meet that opposition with united front.

  • Although it is hard to believe, this school year is almost over. We are already starting to budget, hire, and plan for next school year.  As our children transition from grade to grade, new concerns arise about the challenges a new school year may bring.  For parents of students who struggle with aspects of the learning process, those concerns may become more apparent as students transition into new schools or developmental phases.  

  • With a nip in the air, a cup of hot cocoa in hand, and a quiet evening to reflect on the beginning of this school year, I pause to revel in gratitude for a moment at being in this time and place.