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  • Amanda Campbell was born in Ogden, Utah on July 11 and grew up in Morgan with her brother Justin until the family moved to Torrington, Wyoming, during her ninth through 11th grade years.  She returned for her senior year at Morgan High School, graduating in 1992.  

  • Currently students live as well as learn in a world that has been profoundly transformed by the immediate availability of immense stores of information in an array of formats.  One form of literacy that is important to the success of Morgan County School District students is Information Literacy. 

  • In the document “Promises to Keep” adopted by the Utah State Board of Education in August of 2009 it refers to the mission of Public Education.  Within this mission it states that Utah’s public education system keeps its constitutional promise by ensuring literacy and numeracy for all Utah children.

  • The Morgan County School District Mission Statement serves as a means of communicating what the district is trying to accomplish through its educational program.  A mission statement should be clear, powerful and broad enough to guide the decision-making and provide the foundation for learning outcomes throughout the district.