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  • Interscholastic extracurricular programs are vital to the positive social, physical and educational development of our students. These activities offer opportunities for service to the school and community; develop fellowship and goodwill; promote self-realization with physical, mental and emotional growth; and encourage the qualities of good citizenship. 

  • It has been said, “That if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Contest management at any level of high school sport competition requires preparation and planning in order to increase the enjoyment of the spectators and to enhance the safety for attendees, supervisors, officials and participants. The main purpose for high school sports/activities is educational based activities that are directed by the mission statement and objectives of the local school board and implemented by school administration and teachers. As administrators, we deal with our share of sportsmanship issues and people that lose focus of what our activities and sports programs are about. 

  • One of my assigned tasks at Morgan High School is the supervision and coordination of all the activities offered by our school. A major lesson I have come to learn as the assiastant principal/athletic administrator is the effect our fans have on the school climate during competition season.  In this article I will explain some of the do’s on don’ts of watching high school athletics.  Our fans have a great influence on our school community and our student athletes, but in some cases fans have caused turmoil and strife among our teams. When negative actions occur, it takes away the fun and excitement for those who are deeply invested.  

  • In the world of high stakes, testing in education and minimal budgets combined with the pressure and expectations of success in public education often taint the views and perceptions of people looking in on the profession.  The administration of Morgan School District wishes to acknowledge our teachers and coaching staff for the time, effort, and energy spent in preparing our students in the classroom and our athletes for competition. Advisors and coaches work with students on a daily basis and make decisions ranging from team selection to playing time.  Administrators make every effort to support the students in all of the programs offered by the district. We support our leaders as they teach lessons about how to accomplish tasks correctly.  Administrators support teachers and advisors as they emphasize the teaching of life lessons in preparation for the challenging and competitive world. Our advisors encourage students to win correctly and to lose with dignity. Our teachers and coaching staffs do a remarkable job with the talent of our students and the opposition they face in region and state competitions.

  • Nationally, high school sports are still increasing in the number of participants that plays yearly.  It has increased every year for the past 16 years with 2010-11 being the most ever.  That trend is also prevalent at Morgan high School.  If sports are so important, one has to ask the question why?   Is it because people value the sports or is it what the sports program can teach our youth?  It seems to be the social, emotional and intellectual satisfaction that is gained by the participants.  The true purpose of high school sports is to serve the complete educational needs of all students.  The preeminent purpose is to harness discipline – desire – and commitment of all individuals involved.  Another lesson that cannot be over looked is that responsibility comes with the privilege of playing.  Morgan High School now offers 20 sports and activities sponsored by Utah High School Activities Association.  As administrators we know there are other benefits that come to students who participate that include having higher GPAs, better attendance, lower dropout rate, and fewer discipline issues.   At Morgan High School our goal is to employ people that are double goal coaches, which not only coach the sport but teach life lessons as well.  In the world of high school sports emotions can and often run high.  Our coaches are encouraged to teach, practice, and model good sportsmanship.

  • Congratulations to our MHS Drama program for repeating as Region 11 Champions (back to back) and also 2011 State Champions.  Although no trophies were handed out, most of our students qualified for state with a superior rating.  Special recognition also goes to Jacob Fresques for receiving the National Musical and Theater award; and to Mr. Adam Slee for being voted Drama Director of the Year.