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Content about Genetic genealogy

May 31, 2012

A growing method to help in genealogical research is DNA.  For the past decade DNA genealogy is been gaining ground in the community.  DNA testing can determine whether two individuals are related.  Descendants believed to have a common ancestor can be tested. The test can help to prove, or disprove genealogical theories.  It can also point to genealogical research that has been completed and indicated a family connection.  Even where no other family member has participated in a DNA study, the DNA results can point to likely places in the world from which ancestors originated.  

September 1, 2011

The heart of genealogy is the evidence that forms our conclusions.  We search for clues of our ancestors among the records of the past.  All of genealogical research focuses on a name, a place, and a time.  Finding that elusive record that contains our ancestor is the key to success.