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Content about Social information processing

November 19, 2011

Nearly everyone will have heard of Wikipedia.  It began as a project and a software product.  The concept was that an encyclopedia could be created online in a collaborative fashion.  Wikipedia grew out of an online encyclopedia written by experts, but community content rapidly outpaced the expert contributions.  In the first year only 20,000 entries were created.  Wikipedia now boasts more than 3.6 million articles.  Studies of accuracy have been done and place Wikipedia at an accuracy rate comparable to expert authored encyclopedias.  It is the best case, worldwide, of community collaboration creating wide content, high quality content at a very low cost.


April 26, 2011

Today I received information about a new experience in family history.  I am a somewhat reluctant user of Facebook.  I recognize its value, but don’t really like the idea of living my life in public online.  I have several family members who are crazy about it.  I have watched many individuals while away hours of time at Farmville (a game where individuals create virtual farms and grow virtual crops).  I have played many online games and video games in my life, so I understand some of the addiction, but I have not really understood the fascination with Farmville.