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December 18, 2012

As one Mountain Green couple is finding out, it can be difficult getting a business license in Morgan County.

As one Mountain Green couple is finding out, it can be difficult getting a business license in Morgan County.
“The county’s intentions are great, but it is not opening businesses,” said Kera Birkeland. “I believe that in our poor economy, things need to improve in Morgan County to help small business, not hinder it.”

February 18, 2012


Wow, it was a great week at RootsTech last week.  There were more than 4,500 attendees, making this the largest genealogical conference in the United States.  There were more than 2,500 visitors to The Family History Library for the Friday night event.  The Library was open late, until midnight, and at 11:00 there were still more than 500 patrons in the Library.

February 4, 2012


Reed Wilde was born in his grandfather’s home on the ranch in Croydon in 1928. The doctor hadn’t arrived yet, so the visiting teachers attended to his delivery. He attended school in Devil’s Slide by riding in a horse drawn wagon until the 2nd grade when they finally got a bus. But it only went as far as the pavement, so Reed had to walk half a mile to catch it. When Reed was in the 3rd grade, they got electricity. When he was a junior in high school, they finally got indoor plumbing and a gas furnace when they moved to a larger home.

Compiled by Dana Wilde from the contributions of Sherolyn Gause, Evelyn Jones, Jamie Wilde, and Ryan Windley.

October 6, 2011



A few weeks ago I stressed the importance of unplugging yourself from the world and investing more time in YOU.  The thought occurred to me on my journey this week that I omitted some crucial counsel.  Learning to enjoy the journey more is not only about what you should unplug from, but rather, what you should plug in to.  It sounds so simple that we don’t even realize its importance.  I was cautioning each of us to stop investing, or rather, wasting our time, talents and treasures in things which do not edify, or energize our lives.  Now, I’m talking about learning to recharge our inner batteries.  With stress embezzling so much of our hard earned emotional income, if we don’t learn to recharge our inner batteries, we’ll be charging back into our daily battles with nothing more than bold bravado.