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2005 *Kristen Straw of Morgan was a member of a team of runners running the Wasatch Back run. Her photo was on the cover of the paper. *Morgan High School graduate, Shannon Evans, signed to play basketball for Westminster College in the upcoming season. *Council appoints a new advisory board for the airport. 2000 * A made-for-TV movie, See You In My Dreams, starring Aidan Quinn, Cheech Marin and others was being filmed in Morgan County. *Due to the drought in the State of Utah, fire restrictions are extended statewide. *Mark Anderson of Morgan is one of a group of athletes to run at a national meet in Tempe, Arizona. * A new toy store opens its doors on Morgan’s Commercial Street. The owner of the business is Karen Noland. 1995 * Ray Little receives outstanding teacher award. * Morgan Board of Education approves $8,690,000 budget. * Morgan City crews hung a banner that welcomes Morgala Days at the beginning of Morgan on State Street. * Brent Powell was named the new school Resource Officer. * Debbie Weaver opened a new business and Morgan. The new business is called Big League Embroidery and Design. * Mary Agnes Perkins Beebe, died on Monday, June 19, 1995. 1990 *Morgala Days held a bike race on Saturday, June 30 along with the rodeo on Friday and Saturday. *Morgan City’s budget $1,587,174 was approved by and then unanimous vote for the physical year 1990- 1991 *It was reported in the news that over 800 motorcyclists came through Morgan and camped at the high school playing fields. (I guess that is the football field. Do you think anyone scored?) * Kevin M. Clemens received a master degree at USU. * Bruce and Jennie Robison are proud first-time parents of a new baby boy born June 11 at McKay Dee Hospital. K. C. as he will be named, weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches tall. (Rumor has it he is a football star in college and I saw a photo of his girlfriend, and he had done very well.) *July 7 will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Mountain Green Sewer Treatment Plant. (What is it they cut at a sewer treatment plant again?) *Harold Leslie Laughter, 84, died on Saturday, June 23, 1990. 1985 * There were a lot of weddings in this issue of the paper, due to the fact that I don’t know all of them and if they are still married, I will not put their names in the paper. I don’t need any ex-spouses, or former mother in laws calling to yell at me. * Mrs. Nelson’s elementary class from Morgan Elementary School had a picture in the paper when they got to go to the farm of Errol Nelson. * In the historical society news it was mentioned that the Morgan County Historical Society congratulated the Soil Conservation Service upon reaching its half-century mark, having been established under the authority of an act of Congress in the year 1935. (In 2010, it is 25 years later, so we want to congratulate the soil conservation service upon 75 years of service.) * You could get prime rib, a baked potato, a salad, and a roll for $9.50 at Como CafÌ©. (And you could play the shooting game that was on the wall.) 1950 *Mrs. Margaret Catherine Robison Tonks, passed away after an extended illness. She was born August 10, 1870 in Morgan, a daughter of William and Margaret Smith Robinson. * A headline in the paper stated Morgan couple will conduct an Hawaiian Tour , the story started: Of interest to the people of Morgan is the tour of the Hawaiian Islands being conducted by Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Waldron of Logan, who have been living in the islands for the past 10 years. Either the headline was wrong when they said they live in Morgan or story was wrong saying they live in Logan. * Headline Two Morganites graduate from U. of U.  Graduating with the largest class in the history of the University Two former Morgan High School students John Roberts Dixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert S. Dixon was awarded a bachelor of science degree and Beryl Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Clark, was awarded a bachelor of science degree. *Headline in the paper said, Cabbage planting now underway in Morgan County; total 130 acres  In the story and started, 1,100,000 Cabbage plants have been planted in Morgan Valley the past week,  according to Curtis Rogers, junior superintendent of the California packing company, plant in Morgan. * Examinations for drivers licenses will be given Tuesday, June 20, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Sheriff’s Office, according to sheriff Bernard Dalquist. * Mrs. Sarah Giles spent Sunday at the home of her granddaughter Mrs. Kenneth Adams. 1945 *Sgt.Don C. Rich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rich of Morgan, has been liberated from a German prison camp according to a telegram from the war department to his parents. He was a top gunner on the B-17 Flying Fortress and was over German territory when shot down in October 14, 1943. Sgt. Rich enlisted in the service April 8, 1942 and landed in England on June 24, 1943 with only one of the planes for engines functioning. * The title in the paper citizens at war” The government needs and asked if citizens in the 183rd week of the war against Japan to: 1. Plan to spend your vacation at home and leave roads free for increase furlough travel and redevelopment of men to the Pacific. 2. Serve in your community as a piece panel assistance. Volunteers are urgently needed in the job of molding pieces down and preventing inflation. See your local rationing board. 3. Make sure your biggest possible harvest from your victory garden, and store and can for your family’s needs. Area civilian supplies of canned vegetables will be lower next winter. 1940 *John C. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Johnson, and Grant Rees, son of Joseph E. Rees, graduate from Weber College. *An open house honoring Mrs. Emma E. Rich on her 81st birthday will be given by members of the family Sunday, June 9, at the home of her daughter Mrs. F.L. Parkinson. *In sports, Devil ‘s Slide took over undisputed possession of first place in the Wasatch league Sunday by trouncing Farmington 9 to 1. *Attaches of Dee Hospital Monday reported the condition of Marge Wilkinson, nine-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkinson of Peterson to be quote fairly” good. The child suffered a skull fracture in a fall from a tree at her home last Friday evening. *Mrs. Janet Rich accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rock on a two-week trip to Arizona, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California. They left last Friday evening. *Headline Morgan County roads are Utah’s safest  State Highway Patrol records show that Morgan County, for the 56th consecutive month, having made it past through a 30 day without an automobile fatality, is the safest roads in Utah. * Eliza Morris Robinson, 74, lifelong resident of Morgan County, died at the family home in Stoddard late Friday evening after two months being ill. 1935 *Mr. and Mrs. Pingree announced the birth of a son last week at the hospital in Ogden. * Due to stormy weather, it has been impossible for men hired by the city to clean the cemeteries before Decoration Day, but they will be cleaned as soon as the ground becomes dry enough. * Despite the rain Morgan had a considerable number of Decoration Day visitors. We will probably get most of them listed in our next issue, at least we hope to. * Gilbert Hardy accidentally killed at the Cement Plant, was a headline in the paper. Gilbert Hardy, 19, was taken from a machinery by fellow workers, who stated that the young man’s clothing had become entangled with the feed belt and before it could be stopped his body had been thrown many times against other machinery killing him almost instantly. Mr. Hardy was born in Morgan, October 2, 1915, a son of the J. and Elizabeth Toone Hardy. He had recently moved to Devil’s Slide. *Croydon Ward presented a program Sunday evening. Horace Thackeray and Reed Wilde were the speakers and several musical numbers were given by a group of ladies. * Bishop A.R. Rich is still at this time, suffering with a bad cold. 1930 * The Croydon community was made especially sad last Friday morning when it was learned that Paul George Thackeray, the 18 month old son of Mark and Alta Thackeray of Croydon, was accidentally drowned in an irrigation ditch. *Chicken coop building base specialty. Get my prices, A. B. Carrigan, Carpenter. Phone space 103, Morgan. * Found two keys C1544. Owner may have same by calling at this office and pay for this notice. * For sale or lease campground with hot dog stand and one cabin, located between Devil’s slide and Morgan. CC. W. Cook, 2106 Madison, Ogden, Utah. * Remember this Thursday evening June 12, the ladies night at the Lions Club. The banquet will be served at the Como CafÌ© and a special program is being prepared for the occasion. * The Utah State press Association will meet in summer convention at the hotel Bigelow this Saturday and Sunday. The news editor will be present at both days and sessions. * The new timecard which went into affect on the U. P. Railway last Sunday changed number nine, the westbound fast mail from 10:26 two 9:21 a.m. or one hour and five minutes earlier the time of the local trains remain the same as before. * Mrs. Helen Barlow returned home Sunday from a 10 day stay with friends in Croydon. * When turning in items for the News, please remember and write only on one side of the paper. This will greatly assist us in our work if you will follow this request. (Was it to hard to turn the paper over?) * The Red Devils took Morgan to an awful cleaning at the game played on the home diamond Decoration Day. The Morgan boys again showed lack of practice and teamwork. The score was 15 to 7. *Yes, Morgan will celebrate July 4 and the News hopes to be able to give its wide circle of readers detailed information next week. *A. D. Francis and sons, Arthur W. D., Richard R., and Harold H., and wives spent Wednesday at the Salt Lake Temple.

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