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Morgan City Council – June 8, 2010


Public Hearing for the 2010/11 budget, rate increase resolutions and 2010 property tax rate and revenue amounts. Only one citizen comment was made. Larry Hatch requested information on the impact of the foreclosures in the North Morgan SID. He requested information on the impact to taxpayers outside the SID should the foreclosures not cover the outstanding debt in the SID. Attorney Crane indicated that there was protection built into the SID that would mean that there should be no impact on residents outside the area. The council passed unanimously the following resolutions after the public hearing: Resolution 10-17 – Adoption of the 2010/11 fiscal year budgets Resolution 10-18 – Water rate resolution Resolution 10-19 – Sewer rate resolution Resolution 10-20 – Electric rate resolution Resolution 10-21 – Sanitation rate resolution Resolution 10-22 – 2010 property tax rates and revenue amounts was tabled. The council needed additional time to prepare these rates. For more information on the new rates for Morgan City services see article Morgan City Raises Some Rates, Lowers Others on page 1 Public Hearing – CIB (Community Impact Board) Loan Application The city is requesting a loan from the funds collected in community impact fees at the state level. The state collects fees from organizations that utilize minerals in the state and then provides these funds to support initiatives in the state. The city is requesting a $100,000 loan from CIB to extend the pavement from the first phase of construction on the 100 South project and continue the pavement overlay to the city limits as well as on Rose and Spring Drive. The city hopes to take advantage of the lower construction costs in the current market. The interest rate on this loan, should it be approved by CIB will be 2.5% and this loan will be paid from the road fund. The item was approved unanimously. Red Rock Subdivision, phase one and two final acceptance The council accepted the improvements from the developer and released the remaining funds held pending these improvements. This item passed unanimously. Special Reports Council Member London reported that he had received many positive comments on the cemeteries over Memorial Day. Council Member Wardell reported that several community members had commented on the flowers, the banners, and the other improvements the city has made on Commercial Street. Citizen Comments Julie Anderson Anderson reminded the council of the Meet the Candidate night on Thursday, starting at 6:15 and invited them to attend. Larry Hatch Hatch commended the council on their regular attendance at the county council meetings and said that he believed there is a better relationship between the county council and the city council.

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