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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of June 11


2005 * Water flowed over the top of the East Canyon Dam for the first time in many years 2000 *Five ladies were up for the Morgala Days Queen. They were Ashley Allen, Kristen Call, Melanie Haddock, Jessica Lott and SaraH Stettler *Bessie (Bette) Mecham, 81, passed away on June 16, 2000 1995 *Congressman Bill Orton visits Morgan looking for a new home *Hal Peterson receives a Freedom Lift to give him greater mobility. George Francis secured the funds from the United Way to help Peterson *BYU football player Shawn Knight and partner Ron Okabe have opened a private physical therapy practice in Morgan 1990 *Mountain Green youth, James Hugh Cloyd, was presented The Congressional Award by Congressman Wayne Owens. *Brandon Rees, John McCain, and Reve Chaston are selected to attend Utah Boy ‘s State 1985 *Morgan High School graduated 108 students *John David Patterson, a senior at Morgan High School was accepted to attend The United States Military Academy, West Point *Kenneth and Gwen Adams celebrated their 50th Anniversary *Vergie and Russell Rock celebrated their 60th anniversary Family season tickets to Como Springs were $85 a family, $35 for adults, $30 for students and $25 for children 1950 *Miss Marianne Turner graduates from nursing school *Dr GS Francis of Wellsville was elected district governor of Lions International 1945 *Roma Jeane Turner from Morgan is one of 130 graduates of BYU 1940 *Mrs James R Rawle marks 82nd Birthday *The American Legion elected their officers this week. Cleve Peterson, Commander; Vic Neilson, 1st Vice Commander; Merle Creager, 2nd Vice Commander; Don Durrant, Adjutant; and Newell Waldron, Sergeant at Arms 1935 *Miss Alberta Williams is in Salt Lake attending summer school at the University of Utah * During the closing week of school, the Board of Education examined all children for tonsil trouble. The examination was made by one of the local doctors and 71 cases were recommended for removal. 1930 *The Morgan Como Baseball team wins against their rivals, the Farm Bureau team of Peterson in a decisive victory 12 to 8 *The big attraction at the Coalville opera house this Friday evening the 13th is a big carnival, circus and dance

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