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Putting the Shine on Commercial Street


The city council has been keeping their words consistent with their actions over the past several months. After the city repeatedly expressed a strong commitment to rejuvenating Commercial Street, this week they have taken some actions to do just that through more beautification. Council Member Betz and Mayor Egbert, in particular, have talked about their commitment to help the street recover from its downturn. Their presence has been very visible on the street they want to improve. In fact, they ‘ve been almost ever-present on the street of late. A few weeks ago, the city sponsored a day for a community clean up and beautification project of the street. Also, it seems as if it is almost every other day that Councilmember Betz and/or Mayor Egbert have toured groups from prospective businesses down the street in an effort to encourage them to locate their businesses there. If you ‘ve driven, walked, or ridden a bike down Commercial Street this past week, you may have noticed that the street had a different feel to it. Besides getting a good spring cleaning, Councilmember Betz personally supervised the placement of new flower planters on Commercial Street and both she and Mayor Egbert were on hand as colorful spring banners were hung from the light posts by city workers. The city ‘s future plans for the street in the coming weeks will see the installation of benches on the street and the replacement of trash cans. The city is also looking at other beautification opportunities. Mayor Egbert and the city council are not only committing these initial resources to Commercial Street, they are committing their time and influence to help make these initiatives succeed. On Tuesday, June 8, Mayor Egbert indicated in council meeting that the city is planning to initiate a variety of beautification projects this year. They plan to evaluate the success of each idea as they move ahead and go forward with those ideas that work and abandoning those that do not work. It is clear by the steps that the Morgan City Council has taken that they intend to walk- the-walk  down Commercial Street, not just talk the talk. This focus and attention will hopefully yield the results they are seeking. It has already added to the beauty and attractiveness of Commercial Street.

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