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Well Ómoms out there reading The Morgan County News, the summertime is here again and our kids our out of school…Now what? If you ‘re like me, you ‘re wondering what you can come up with that will keep them busy and out of trouble for the next two and a half to three months. Kids get so excited when the school year is coming to an end and the weather warms up. After May 1, I can usually ask either one of my two boys, or their friends, how many days are left at school and they not only tell me the days, but the hours, minutes, and seconds as well. I remember that feeling. It really was great to have the entire summer before you and not have a care in the world. However  Ómoms, you know what comes next. The two most dreaded words a mother can hear come out of her child ‘s mouth in the summer. All together now _ I ‘m Bored!  Like most of you other moms, I do my best to prevent those two words from escaping their lips by planning preemptive activities to keep them busy. Just busy enough so they do not get bored. Yet, still let them experience those hazy lazy days of summer when they just doing things like sit under the shade tree eating a popsicle and then pull up the dandelions in the lawn to make a pretty bunch of flowers for someone.  At the end of the school year this time round, my 16 year old son, Jake was more excited to get out of school than I have ever seen him before. I asked him what he planned to do, and instead of getting the predictable, I don ‘t know,  I got an entire list of things. So, I asked Jake to write with me this week about summertime and some of his thoughts for our other teen readers. Jake is going to be working in the newspaper office part-time this summer, and we ‘re hoping that he, and other teens in Morgan, can help us add a Teen Page to your paper. Jake loves to write and hopes it will be part of whatever career he chooses someday. So, this assignment would give him some experience. The following is what Jake submitted to the newspaper two weeks before school let out at Freemont High: Fourteen more days… fourteen more days…  That thought haunts my mind as I write this and think about my last few days of my Sophomore year. The countdown won ‘t leave my mind until I run out the doors of the school into the days of summer freedom that will await me. The approaching last day until summer break keeps taunting me with the rays of sunshine that stream through my Calculus ‘ class window. The long bright yellow lines hypnotize me with thoughts of great sunshiny times ahead. Like many of my fellow inmates, oops! I mean schoolmates, I am ready for a break from the chaos of constant work and bland weather. I ‘m ready to soak up the sun and have some fun! The list of things I plan to do this sun-filled season seems endless this year. My band will be practicing as often as possible, and maybe will even be able to play some shows. I ‘m also planning to do some work Óyes Óactual work, by working for my parents and Doug in The Morgan County News office. After an end of school party that I ‘m planning with one of my best friends, I will begin to kick off the summer and put my plans into action. Despite all the fun I have planned for summer, I know that every year I seem to hit that middle of summer drag  where I end up increasingly impatient for school to start and all of my friends to return into my life. I ‘m telling myself that this year will be different, and I have a few ideas to keep us all occupied and having a great time the whole summer vacation. As some suggestions to other teens for summer…think about a secret passion that you have or about a hobby you have always wanted to try. Summer is the time to not just think about it, but do it. Have you ever wanted to make your own music or learn a new instrument? Go for it! Always had a secret desire to cook the finest cuisine? Show us you ‘re the next chef Ramsay! (Well, maybe hold the temper, please.) Whatever you want to accomplish this summer, it can be done if you ‘ll plan, prepare, and do! Summer is a good time to make new friends, maybe from another school. Go out to the mall and to activities and celebrations in your community. And…don ‘t just stay inside _ unless it ‘s way too hot! Go outside and get some sunshine. Run around. Or, like many of my friends do, get a summer job or volunteer somewhere, but don ‘t work yourself too hard. Like I said, it ‘s time for a break. Whatever you do, just make sure you are getting all you can out of your summer break.. I ‘d love to hear what you have planned this summer and then share the ideas. Share at my twitter account @jakeTMCN or http://twitter.com/jakeTMCN. And, oh yea ÓDon ‘t forget the sunscreen!

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