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Water Rises in Morgan Streets, Rates Rise in City Council


In the Morgan City Council meeting on Tuesday, a public hearing was held for the 2010/2011 budgets. There was light attendance by citizens, however, changes that will affect each resident of the city. In addition to the budget for the city that was discussed and approved, new rates were set for services from the city. Rate changes were passed that included: 1. An increase in the sewer rates of $2 per month from the current rate of $22 per month to the new rate of $24 per month. 2. The water rates will also increase by a small amount. Council Member London indicated that the increase for most residential customers will be $1.60 per month on the base rate. The rate for a _ inch line will be $24 for 12,000 gallons and $3 per thousand gallons over the 12,000. 3. The electric rates will remain the same for residential customers but will have a small decrease for small business customers. 4. The sanitation rates will decrease from the current rate of $15 for the first can to $14 for the first can. This rate decrease is primarily due to the full repayment of a bond related to sanitation. These rates will go into effect on July 1 of this year. Mayor Egbert commented that, If we don ‘t keep these rates going up a little bit year by year, our systems will get depleted and we will have huge rate increases instead of small ones.  The council referred to an area along the Wasatch Front that had seen the costs for services more than double because they had allowed the system to fall into disrepair. The council tabled the resolution on property tax rates and revenue amounts to the next meeting. The council needed additional time to finalize these rates.

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