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A Great Father’s Day Gift


This Column was written on my blog last year after Father ‘s Day. I thought the readers of my column my like it. I hope you do. A few years ago I won some big awards for a column I wrote about my three fathers. My dad, my step dad and my Heavenly Father. I wanted to share that with you today, but I can not find it. So, I am going to tell you about my Father’s Day. When I got divorced from my first wife, we went to church all of the time, and it seemed that after the divorce the children decided that they would not go as much, or at all in some cases. I also quit going for a long time, blaming a lot of people for things they said, and things they had done, and I won’t get into the feelings and the reasons right now, but someday I will share that. For the last year or so, I have had a huge desire to go to church again, and it has really been hard to go by myself. So, when each of my five children asked me what I wanted for Fathers Day, I told each of them, for you to go to church with me. Some laughed, some said maybe and some said no way. Last night, my eighteen year old daughter Chelsea asked if I was going to church today. I told her I was, and she said she would go with me. I must have had a very strange look on my face. She told me that if I wanted that for Father’s Day, then that is what I would get. I KNOW that it is hard for Chelsea to go to church. She is my child that has tattoos, a nose ring, and an eyebrow ring, and I know she knew that people would be looking at her differently than people look at people that don’t stand out. We got there, and sat down, and we had a good time. The primary sang “We’re so glad when daddy comes home” and she mouthed the words to me and kissed me on the cheek when it said they do so in the song. Her cell phone was going off, luckily she had it on vibrate only and she was texting to her friends that she was in church. Most didn’t believe her. After Sacrament Meeting, all of the dads were given Sweet Rolls. I gave mine to my daughter. That was the least I could do for someone that did something that was so hard for her to do. I told her that she will be a Relief Society President someday and she will use her tattoos as lessons of when she was young. She told me that someday I would have hair… Hmmm. And she and my nine year old made me breakfast today too. I am a very happy Father this Fathers Day!

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