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County Council Notes June 15, 2010


Council Members in attendance: Sid Creager – Chair, Tina Kelly – Vice Chair, Rodney Haslam, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday Absent: Al Lundgren The following items were discussed: County Council Business Garth Day – See article Day in Demand on page 7. Ron Hodson, Utah Wildlife Resources – DWR acquisition of property adjacent to the East Canyon Wildlife Management Area See article Disruption to Hunting this Year Means More Land For the Future on page 11. Kent Wilkerson – Appeal of a fee and request to correct the record for his house. Wilkerson applied for a building permit two years ago. He requested that the record be corrected regarding documents created by county geotech specialists that indicate a home had been on his property previously that had been destroyed due to geotech problems. There was no home on the property previously. He also requested a refund of fees that were spent, in his opinion, without proper procedures or authorization from him. Member Kelley expressed that the fees charged were inline with other sites that the county had reviewed. The council communicated that the county had paid these fees to the consultants and that Wilkerson was fully aware of the site visit and even encouraged the county to make these visits to ensure his request for a building permit was appropriate. The council denied, unanimously, the request to refund fees. The council approved, unanimously, allowing Wilkerson to write a letter to be placed in his file correcting the erroneous information that a house had been on the property previously and also made a finding, on the record, that there was no evidence of a house on the lot previously. Grant Crowell – Ordinance CO-10-10 – Adopt the building and safety codes for Morgan County This ordinance places the building codes into county ordinance. Approved Unanimously Public Hearing – To Amend sections 8-2, 8-4, 8-5A, 8-5B, 8-5C, 8-5E, 8-6, 8-8, and 8-12B of the Morgan County Code by repealing all references to planned unit developments (PUD), except remaining provisions within the Central Development (CD Zone). There were no comments at the public hearing. Ordinance CO-10-11 – repealing obsolete references to the previously repealed Planned Unit Development ordinance The PUD ordinance was repealed previously, this ordinance (CO-10-11) removes references in the county code that were not removed when the PUD ordinance was repealed. This is simply a clean up of the county code. Approved Unanimously Jay Palmer/Garth Day – Purchase of road equipment In the last council meeting this item was discussed. Palmer returned with firm prices for the equipment. This equipment will allow the county road crew to make repairs on roads rather than contracting out these repairs. It is expected that this equipment will reduce the cost of road maintenance. The road department also feels that this will also allow the county to be more responsive to citizen requests for road repairs. This equipment will be paid for from the Class B road fund account. The cost of the equipment is $106,762.53. Approved Unanimously Grant Crowell – Budget resolution CR-10-21 There are two computers that are in need of replacement in the planning department. The cost of the two computers is $2,300. The cost for this will be covered from another area of the budget where spending is under budget. Approved Unanimously

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