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Garth Day is the county council administrator for Morgan. He was hired in June of 2008. In this role he manages the staff in the non-elected county departments and provides support to the council in their legislative and administrative role. The current county government is set up to have a part time council and Day provides the full time assistance to help make a part time council effective. Day was hired as the council administrator, at least in part, because of his experience with economic development. He has significant experience in economic development and has worked with many governments in Utah on successful development projects. When Day was hired the council saw value in him continuing to work on economic development projects for other organizations as long as it did not interfere with his work at the county. Day ‘s employment contract reads, The Council Administrator agrees to remain in the exclusive employ of the County, while employed by the County. The term employed , however, shall not be construed to include teaching, writing, speaking, consulting, or other business involvement, as long as, such endeavors comply with Section 8 of this Employment Agreement [section eight requires that Day schedule his time appropriate to meet the needs of his job assignment and recognizes that he will work a flexible schedule to accommodate council meetings, lobbying, etc] as to the Council Administrator ‘s duties, and those activities do not present a direct conflict of interest with the County. This is true even if outside compensation is provided. The council acknowledges that Council Administrator is currently a consultant for Pleasant View and Sunset cities, and the Town of Vineyard; and that those consulting positions will continue after County employs Council Administrator.  Day, because of his expertise in economic development, has continued to engage in some consulting agreements. He has made the council aware of all of these engagements. Day is currently consulting for the City of South Salt an exciting project. Mayor Wood, the mayor of the City of South Salt Lake, gave high praise to Day in his work for them. She indicated that Day is attending their council meetings on Wednesday night, and is spending time in the office on Friday, when Morgan County offices are closed. She said, He [Day] is doing great things for South Salt Lake. He is a wonderful asset to the city.  She particularly expressed praise for Day ‘s expertise in RDAs. She said Day is not an employee, but that the city had contracted with Day in January, based on the recommendation from other localities with whom Garth has interacted in the past. Morgan Council Chairman Creager said that the council was fully aware of this consulting engagement between Day and the City of South Salt Lake. He expressed the value that he sees in Day as an employee of the county. He sees these engagements as further evidence of Days expertise and value to Morgan. He believes that Day is doing an excellent job for the county and that Day ‘s expertise in economic development is invaluable to the county ‘s future. Chairman Creager has also commented on the influence Day has with legislators at the state level. Creager reports that Day ‘s relationships at the state capital have been very important to Morgan County. While there continues to be some controversy over the council administrator position, it seems clear that the council continues to be supportive of Day. Each of the council members who have been interviewed have expressed that they do not know how the council could perform their duties without support from the council administrator position and from Day personally. Day ‘s expertise is important now, but with the issues of growth and economic development in the county ‘s future it seems that the Day ‘s skills will be in demand for many years to come.

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