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Find Out About the Candidate


Dear Editor, I have similar feelings as Dave Hansen, Republican Party Chairman for Utah; He expressed his excitement last Saturday at a Central Committee Meeting stating I haven ‘t had this much fun in years . As I have become more actively involved in politics I would agree with Dave. People are talking with each other. Many are realizing their vote does matter and counts. Your average voter this year is actually voting in favor of a candidate they like. Our ballet in Morgan is filled with choices. I would encourage Morgan Citizens to find out about the candidates. Who will we be voting for? Why are they in politics in the first place? Do they exemplify the values of my family and our community? Because of the short time awarded our legislature and the quickness of bills on the federal level, it is necessary for representatives to make decisions in a decisive, principled manner. Your vote does make a difference. Take the time to educate yourself and vote for the candidates who represents your values. Respectfully, Jennie Earl Morgan County

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