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It is a rare thing to have a real statesman run for public office these days. However, that is exactly what our current political climate is calling for, and the person who has answered that call is Jon Hellander. We, in Morgan, Daggett, Rich, Summit and Wasatch counties, need someone who is willing to be the voice of the people. Jon has met with each of us personally, and is willing to do the same with each person in our district. Jon Hellander is a man who stands behind the Constitution, and vows to not support any legislation that jeopardizes those principles. He wants to protect and strengthen private property rights, and believes that government should impose as little as possible upon the people. That is the change he would like to see in politics. We feel that Jon Hellander is the man with the courage, character and integrity necessary to stand up and be a voice in the Legislature. We fully support him, and encourage each voter to research both candidates and make an educated choice. Kera and Lars Birkeland– Morgan County Jacqueline and Cleve Smith– Summit County Scott Steneck– Summit County Becky and Ryan Stouffer– Summit County Matt Barr– Morgan‰ÛöCounty

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