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County Council Notes June 21, 2010


The following items were discussed: Scott Gardner/Gardner Development – Proposal to have permits remain valid and transfer of fees paid previously to a new building permit request Gardner is developing the Cottonwoods in Mountain Green. They have been planning for a few years to build manor homes. The manor homes are triplex structures. There plan has been to build two of the Manor homes. Delays in approvals and the market downturn delayed their development. They have existing building permits that have expired and they would like to have them reinstated, or apply the fees paid toward new permits. They are planning to begin construction this year. The County staff indicated that the building permits had expired, and recommended that, according to International Building Code, 60% of the fees should be refunded and applied toward new building permits. The Council approved 60% of the fees, previously paid, to be applied towards a new permit. Gardner will need to submit a new application and plans before July 1. All of the council voted in favor except Member Lundgren who felt that the amount of the fee allowed to be applied should only be 25%. Garth Day – Rollins Ranch Development – Noticing Issues for a default Rollins Ranch residents have not been receiving full county services pending the acceptance of approval of the improvements that were to be done by the developer. The developer has not completed the improvements and the financial situation of the developer means that they are unlikely to complete the improvements. The county is taking action to place the developer in default. The county is estimating that the cost of completing the improvements is more than $200,000. The county staff also requested that the county stop issuing building permits until the improvements have taken place. The council approved, unanimously, placing the developer in default, and directed that no further building permits be issued until conditional acceptance is given from the county. Introduction of Council Member Applicants and Appointment of New Council Member for District Five The two applicants for the council positions are Donald Matthews and Austin Turner. See Morgan County Has New Council Member on page 1. Portfolio Assignments The council made changes in portfolio assignments with the addition of Don Matthews to the council. Matthews will have responsibility for the Airport, Community Services, and Human Services. Chairman Creager will take responsibility for the Council of Governments, Member Lundgren will have Workforce Service, and Member Haslam will now add Recreation to his portfolio. Member Hansen will also participate on the Community Services Board with Matthews.

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