Home Government Morgan City Council Notes June 25, 2010

Morgan City Council Notes June 25, 2010


Public Hearing and Resolution 10-22 – 2010 Property tax rates and revenue amounts There were no public comments. The resolution passed unanimously. Public hearing – for the purpose of opening and adjusting 2009-1020 current year budget. There were no public comments. The resolution passed unanimously. Public Hearing – consideration of amendments to Title 10 of the Morgan City Code regarding setback, clearview areas and land use classification of bed and breakfast use. Ordinance 10-03, Ordinance 10-04, Ordinance 10-05 The ordinance changes increase the requirement for the side yards on corner lots to a minimum of 25 feet instead of the 20 feet previously, and increases the clear view areas at on corner lots to 40 feet rather than the 30 feet previously. It also establishes code for a bed and breakfast that allows one to exist in areas zoned for single family residences so long as: 1. The property fronts onto State Street or Commercial Street. 2. The structure is a single family dwelling 3. There is sufficient parking 4. Noise and other factors do not create a disruptive situation or change the nature of the residential zone. Jake Glass Annexation Request Glass was requesting the annexation of his property into the city. The city cannot provide services to the property and there were questions about whether there is sufficient public access to the ground. No action was taken by the council. The effect of the council not taking action is that the request is denied. The council felt that there were too many issues surrounding the ground and that the timing was not right for the annexation. Resolution 10-23 – Municipal Wastewater Planning Program The city does a self-assessment on the wastewater system annually. The self-assessment determined that the city ‘s program is in compliance. Approved unanimously. Resolution 10-24 – Appointing trustee for North Morgan SID This is part of the foreclosure process. The city is required to appoint a trustee. Jeremy Cook was appointed as trustee unanimously. Ordinance 10-06 – traffic and criminal code The city has adopted the traffic and criminal code from the state. The ordinance adopts the latest updates to the code from the state. Approved Unanimously Citizen Comments Jake Glass requested information on how he would proceed with annexation. The county attorney indicated that it is likely premature to annex this property. Glass will either need to resolve the problems indicated by the city, or request permission to build from the county.

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