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Morgan County Has a New Council Member


Monday night in a special session of the county council the applicants for County Council District Five were reviewed. There were two applicants, Donald Matthews and Austin Turner; both are candidates for this position on the council in the fall election. The council reviewed the candidates background and experience, and then each of the council members asked questions of the applicants. The council then met in executive session and made the decision, unanimously, to appoint Donald Matthews to the county council seat. The council was reluctant to make this decision and made their reluctance known. Chairman Creager said, ‰There is no easy candidate to choose‰Û_There is a lot of trepidation. I think we have micro analyzed this to a point where we considered the possibility of ‰Û÷Do we have any legal authority to say can we appoint one for three months and then the other for three months? We recognize concerns as we go into an election year in November. Is the decision that is made tonight, does that affect someone going to the ballot as an incumbent? We even reversed that to say that in the state of Utah the incumbent seat hasnt necessarily been a kind place to be a negative by appointing someone‰Û_I wish we would have had a third applicant. If we would have had a third applicant my vote would not have been for either of you‰Û_We are very sensitive to allowing the citizens of the community to have the input, to elect the individual they so choose.‰Û The appointment is only for the remaining term of the seat, which runs through the end of this year. Matthews and Turner will face one another in the election this fall where the voters will have the last say in who they wish to represent them. For more information about Matthews see the meet the candidate box below on this page.

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