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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of June 25


2005 * A new IHC Clinic opened in Mtn. Green, with Dr. Smith Sadiq, M.D. as the doctor. * Laura Martha Thomas Larsen passed away June 23. 2005 at the age of 86. 2000 * Morgala Days Royalty were 2nd Attendant Ashley Allen, Queen Melanie Haddock and 1st Attendant Kristen Call. * First-ever citizen’s academy a success. The class held for ten weeks. 1995 * The Morgala Days Royalty were 1st Attendant Teniele Peterson, Queen Annette Singleton, and 2nd Attendant Kim Corpany. * Kody Whitear finished with a gold, silver and a bronze medals a the Utah Summer Games in Cedar City in track and field events. *Bill Redden, 89 years old, was photographed working in his yard. * Morgan FFA Dominates State Contests, where they won six of the nine completions. 1990 * Business activity totaled $24, 279,000 in Morgan in 1989. * Morgala Days Royalty for 1990 were Second Attendant Kellie Ford, Queen Nicole Carter and First Attendant Lisa House. *Bill Tennant was elected Lions Club President. *Bryan Peterson received his M.D. from the University of Utah (GO PACK 10). * The Morgan LDS First Ward High Priest Quorum put out the Morgan Phone Book. 1985 * Three enter Morgala competition. They were Geri Harames, April Rose and Collette Rich. * Helicopters worked to battle Cereal Leaf Beetles. They sprayed by Porterville. * Little Buckaroo Rodeo was held. Contestants were Tiffany Wright, Nicole Carter, Lisa House and Stacey Sommers. * Lloyd and Mary Wilde celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. 1950 * Mrs. A. H. Carrigan was taken to St. Benedicts Hospital Thursday night for a throat operation after she swallowed a chicken bone while assisting at the Lions Dinner. *The driver of a truck which careened out of control may 17 near Mountain Green injuring two men pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless driving before justice of the Peace Ray Larsen and paid a fine of $25. * Three persons were arrested and fined within the last two days by game warden Gilbert Porter for illegal fishing. * A series of burglaries broke out in the county recently according to sheriff Bernard Dahlquist. * Mrs. Beverley Jones and Grant Francis exchanged vows in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. * The Richville first year Beehive girls, Carolyn Rich, and Colleen Smith and their mothers, Mrs. Pearl Rich and Mrs. Faye Smith and under the leadership of their teacher Mrs. Flora Carter called at six homes for a hobo handout Tuesday evening and then enjoyed the contents of their “pack” at the home of Mrs.Carter. 1945 * Headline “Mrs. M.H. Randall receives letter of congratulations” A letter of congratulations was recently received which reads as follows Dear Mrs. Randall, It gives me great pleasure to inform you that your son Private Richard H. Randall has just been awarded a Bronze Star medal for heroic achievement in combat it is a privilege to share the pride and gratification which this award must bring to you. I feel that his actions are a credit to the entire division. It is largely through the efforts of men like him that our division has been able to achieve its splendid record in battle. Congratulations John E Dahlquist Major General U.S. Army * A very interesting talk was given last Sunday evening at the North Morgan Ward by Norris Wadsworth. Mr. and Mrs. Norris Wadsworth and daughter Therese were almost three years in foul Japanese prisons in the Philippines. The well planned and spectacular rescue by American Forces on February 3, 1945 came just in time to save many prisoners lives. The house was crowded and the talk and singing were enjoyed by all. The community Is very happy to have them in Morgan to enjoy life again. 1940 * Headline ‰Como Springs Bowling Alley Hold Official Opening‰Û Saturday June 15 marked the opening of Como Springs bowling alley. The first ball was thrown by Mayor H H Crouch, the second by Commissioner Errol Eddington, the third by Walter Larsen, president of the Morgan Lions Club and the fourth by G S Heiner of the LDS Stake Presidency. Bowling professionals presented the audience with demonstrations. The building consists of four bowling alleys, two billiard tables, and two ping pong tables. * Carl Rich, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Rich fell from a hay wagon Tuesday and broke his arm. 1935 * Funeral services for Samuel Stephen Florence of Porterville, who died Monday night in an Ogden hospital will be held Friday under the direction of Bishop Daniel Carter. *Golden Porter has been appointed water commissioner to succeed C E Rich. * A John Heiner Ford, you can get a new 1935 Ford V8 for $500. ( I looked up this truck online, and if you were to buy one now in restored condition, you are going to spend around $40,000. If you just want the body to start a restore project, you will pay between $10,000 to $14,000.) 1930 * proclamation I, H. H. Crouch, Mayor of Morgan City, Utah, do hereby call upon all of the inhabitants of Morgan City to observe Independence Day, July 4th by the display of the Stars and Stripes on every dwelling, business, house and public building and by attendance at such services and other forms of commemoration and celebration as may occur on this day. * The annual premium list for the Morgan County Fair will be issued and ready for distribution early in July by The Morgan County News. S. D. Perry has been authorized by the association to solicit the advertising and collect for same.

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