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A Time of Change


This spring and early summer produced a number of changes in our administrative team. Late in the month of May, Ron Wolff announced his intentions to step down as Superintendent. In mid-June our beloved Morgan Elementary Principal, Laraine Whitear lost her battle to cancer. Both individuals have left voids to be filled in our system. The positive influence for good they have given and shared with our community will be felt for years to come. Laraine was one of the kindest human beings I have ever been privileged to associate with. We began and completed our administrative degrees together at the University of Utah. We spent many hours conversing during the long rides to the campus. She demonstrated a deep love for the students of Morgan and a great respect for our educational system. She was intelligent, articulate, and charitable. What a wonderful blessing it was for us to know and associate with her. Ron is a one-of-a-kind administrator. He is focused, determined, and hard working. He helped many of us become better educators and his example and advice were always exemplary. We wish him the very best in his new assignment with the Box Elder District. Reflection has past and now it is time to move forward. By the time the school year begins at least three administrative posts will be filled with other individuals. I appreciate the confidence the Board, staff, and community have placed in me to serve as your superintendent. Tim Wolff will take over the reins as principal of Morgan Elementary School. On July 13, I will recommend to the Board, based on the work of the selection committee, the new high school principal. Be assured that our administrative team will devote our time and talents to the students, staff, and constituents of the district. H.B. Fry, one of Morgan ‘s early education pioneers, is credited with the concept of the M  that looks across our valley. As he and a group of students gazed at the future site of the M , H.B. instructed the students, Let us build a block M on the hillside for future generations to gaze upon and let it be a visible symbol of the integrity, learning, and accomplishments of this Morgan High School.  Since the days of consolidation, the objectives of H.B. and the students and adults that traversed and built the M , have been the paramount objectives of our school system. Our traditions are built and maintained around the guiding principles of integrity, learning, and accomplishment. During my tenure as your superintendent, my purpose and intention will be to work closely with the Morgan Board of Education and the administration in connecting the past with the present and the present to the future. Morgan ‘s team of dedicated professional educators and support staff will do everything in their power to instruct and assist our young people in preparation for the opportunities and challenges which lie ahead.

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