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Freedom Rings – Morgan Celebrates July 4th


It was a large crowd that gathered to celebrate Independence Day on Saturday, July 3. Everything planned came together perfectly, along with the cooler summer weather, to make for a great day of celebration. The festivities began with the 5-K run sponsored by Morgan High School Cross Country Team as a fundraiser. There were more than 160 participants.While the awards from the run were being handed out, the cannon rang out, marking the flag ceremony and the beginning of events at the park. The kids were out in uniforms and ready for fun with the machine pitch baseball game. The atmosphere was light and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there and watch the bright and expressive faces of the kids that had gathered to play. The Morgan High School Volleyball Team provided a large breakfast. No one who purchased the generous breakfast meal went hungry. Plates were piled high with a steaming assortment of wonderful food.The parade was short, and extra sweet, with all of the flying candy from the floats. Folks, young and old, lined the streets to watch and enjoy. Skate Jam was lightly attended but very fun to watch. If you missed it, you might want to catch it next year. The talented participants showed off their skateboarding skills. They had obviously had many hours of practice. There was no competitive spirit, but rather just the enjoyment of the sport. The small crowd cheered as individuals slid down rails, lifted into the air to do a 360s, and caught air as they lifted off the end of ramps.Scales and Tails was a frightening affair. Spiders crawling on faces and snakes so large it took ten children to hold them lengthwise were interesting to watch _from a distance _a long distance. The kids thronged around the pavilion and clamored to be the one to hold the snake, the largest of which appeared to be more than 12 feet long and 16 inches around.The candy cannon blast was, not surprisingly, popular with kids. There were many adults there as well, but surely they would say that they were, only there for the kids. As blasts of candy shot into the air, it caused a flurry of activity as kids and some adults gathered their bounty like chickens going after their seed. Throughout the afternoon, there were performances from entertainers, vendors with crafts and all sorts of miscellaneous items to check out and, or to purchase. The day culminated with recognition of the Military Veterans of Morgan. Then, the fourth choir performed followed by the Fab 5.Following the great day that was had by all, the traditional fireworks lit up the night sky. It could not have been a better day to celebrate freedom and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The weather, the entertainment, the events, and time spent with friends and family all combined to make the day perfect. The July 4th Organizing Committee should take pride in planning, preparing, and providing such an excellent day of fun and activities for Morgan County.

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