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Morgan Valley Memories for the Week of July 9th


1990*Nataya Giles wins first place in the second annual 25th Street Kids fair and Baby Contest.*Rod Winn became the years champion chess player with Dawson Winchester as runner up. The championship game was played at the end of year graduation party.1985*Twain Carter and Ray Durrant saved Dale Wilson ‘s barn from burning up. Both men took action when they saw smoke that saved the barn*Sheriff Bert Holbrook began serving as the new Sheriff and Joseph Ball became the new superintendent of schools.1950*The second district court approved the formation of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and appointed its board. *Two small children were injured at Penney ‘s camp, near Peterson when lightening struck and toppled a large tree onto the car in which they were sitting. Robert Bulich, 8, suffered lacerations and a possible skill fracture. Michael Bulich suffered bruises and abrasions.*New subscribers to the newspaper this week were H.B. Rollins and Thomas King. Renewals included George D Preece, Mrs. George A Taggart, Kent Murdock, Jerry Tyner, Milton Barnum, JD ├ÂLamb, and Harold G. Clark.* About 200 persons attended the Democrat Barbecue party held at Como Springs the previous Saturday Night.1945*Lyle York Dingman died in a motorcycle accident in Morgan on his way to work* The John Heiner Company celebrated 34 years as a Ford Dealer.*The new date for drivers licenses was set as July 17 from 10-12 a.m. at the sheriff ‘s office in Morgan.1940*Miss Lenora Hopkin, the first democratic Morgan county candidate ever to be chosen as a delegate to a presidential convention left for Chicago. She will visit the World ‘s Fair in New York as a part of her trip.1935*The school board proposed remodeling the school at Devils Slide and building a new building for the school in Morgan.*The 4-H club had their regular monthly meeting and planned an outing to Lagoon.1930* The Echo Dam grand opening was postponed indefinitely.*The 4th of July celebration gathered the largest crowd in the history of Morgan.

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