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99 Years of Fair Fun


The Morgan County Fair is a 99 year old tradition of the community, and the nearly century old tradition grows and improves with each annual event. However, before Morgan had its own fair, the residents of the county joined with the residents of Davis, Weber and Box Elder Counties. These counties, of the Intermountain Fair Association, met and displayed their exhibits in Ogden City.When the four farming communities met in Ogden, it was originally for the purpose of the betterment of local agriculture. Farmers met to display their produce and livestock and to learn and to share ways to improve quality and yield of their production. A few short years later, Morgan residents began their own tradition of a county fair in and for Morgan. They expanded on the traditional agricultural theme and purpose of the fair and then added new events.The venue for some of the first Morgan County Fair events was right on the streets of Morgan City. Farmers showed their livestock in the public square, and later the square was used when the community formed teams and competed in baseball games.Besides showing their livestock, the farmers also provided unbroken horses for a fair event. The boys and young men of the community started holding the traditional rodeo of the fair, and back then, horse races were run right down the center of Popular (100 West) Street. More indoor events and domestic entries were also added to the fair _even though there was the initial challenge of how they would provide and make available enough building space for them. The South Morgan School building was initially used to display these fair entries. With each year, the fair grew as events were added and expanded. Now, with the 99th Annual Morgan County Fair right around the corner, many committees and many individuals continue to plan and prepare up until opening day. The tradition of the Morgan County Fair will continue in 2010 when it is held from July 29 to August 7.In this issue of The Morgan County News, please find your copy of the 2010 Fair Book. Inside the fair book, you will find dates, times, locations and details for each event of the fair. In the fair book, you will also find the names of many residents who have volunteered to make the fair happen. They have served Morgan County and given many hours of their time in the planning and the carrying out of the many fair events. It has taken, and will take, a lot of these good citizens working diligently to provide Morgan County with its 99th successful county fair.In these pages, you will also see the many businesses that have sponsored the fair and the fair book. Without their support, the fair and fair book could not happen, so please support these businesses when you can. The Morgan County News is also a proud supporter and sponsor of The Morgan County Fair. Thank you to all of the many people who have provided the paper with information on the fair and keep the community informed.As always, Morgan ‘s hometown paper will provide you with news and information about the fair in the weeks and days leading up to, and after, the big event. The Morgan Count News has been covering the events of Morgan County ‘s Fair for 87 years, since the paper ‘s establishment in 1923. The Morgan County News is the most complete source of news on Morgan County. Thank you to subscribers, advertisers, and the Morgan community at-large for the support you provide to report and publish your hometown news.

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