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UDOT Explores New Facility


At the council meeting on Tuesday night, the Clark family presented to the council about a proposal brought to them from UDOT (the Utah Department of Transportation). UDOT has been working with the Clarks and Morgan City to arrange to trade land in the city ‘s industrial park to build a new facility to house the State ‘s road maintenance vehicles and supplies. The state ‘s plan is to relocate their current facility into the industrial park. They had purchased five acres in the area and wanted to trade these five acres for seven acres owned by the Clarks next to the railroad tracks at the end of Industrial way. UDOT plans to extend and dead end Industrial Way and to straighten out Industrial Drive and build a new road. These improvements would substantially enhance access to the industrial park and provide good roads for any future development on the Clark ‘s land and the industrial park. The city needs to determine where the road will be located so that they can reroute the sewer lines in the area along the new road as a part of the overall construction they are doing to improve the sewer system in the city. The proposed road from UDOT which would straighten and extend Industrial Drive cuts through a small piece of county property and therefore UDOT wants to ensure that the county will be supportive of their initiative before they proceed. The land swap with the Clarks is also contingent on the County ‘s decision since the enhancements proposed by UDOT are the primary motivation for the Clarks to exchange their seven acres for five from UDOT. The Council expressed general support for the plan, but wanted to ensure that the county was made whole as a part of the transaction. They directed the county staff to meet with UDOT, the Clarks, and the City to work out a Memorandum of Understanding and propose the terms of the deal. The county plans to take action on this in the next council meeting. This change would be a substantial shot in the arm to the city ‘s industrial park and future economic development in the area. The project would lay the groundwork for much needed improvements to allow for growth.

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