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As the election approaches some individuals in the county may not know which voting district they reside in. As we continue to meet the candidates we thought it would be good to help educate our readers know about which voting district they are in and which candidates will be on their ballot this fall. Voters in all districts will vote for: Utah House of Representatives District 53 Clyde Beutler Mel Brown (Republican – Incumbent) Glenn J Wright (Democrat) County Council At Large A Larry Hatch Robert Kilmer County Council At Large B Jeremy Barker Ned Mecham County Attorney Jann L. Farris (Incumbent) Al Lundgren County Recorder Brenda D. Nelson (Incumbent) Kimlyn Porter County Sheriff Blaine Breshears Neil Porter There are 3 other candidates in specific districts one, two, and five. The following are the descriptions of the voting districts. District 1 From the mouth of Weber Canyon to and including both sides of Garnet Drive and both sides of Cottonwood Canyon Road. Tina Kelley is running un-apposed for county council District 2 From the Garnet Drive intersection up to the Peterson overpass including all of Peterson up to Smith Creek and through Enterprise to and including the West side of Stoddard Lane. James Montgomery and Lyle Nelson are running for county council. District 3 From Smith Creek, east through Richville, Porterville and Hardscrabble. Includes all of Richville Land and Highway 66 East of Richville Lane to East Canyon. District 4 From the point of Richville Lane west through Morgan City. Includes all area within the city limits south of the Weber River to 200 E (Morgan High School). Includes the South side of 200 E. and Circle Drive. District 5 From and including the east side of Stoddard Lane east through and including Croydon. Includes all area North of the Weber River as well as the North side of 200 E. North through Round Valley. Donald Mathews and Austin Turner are running for county council. If you have questions about which voting district you reside in, please contact the Morgan County Office and they can assist you.

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