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County Council Notes August 17, 2010


Council Members Attending: Rodney Haslam, Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday Attended by Phone: Donald Mathews Audit Report See County Receives Sparks Fly Over Accusations in Council Meeting on Page 1 Public Comment There was a comment made that the Gordon Creek Bridge is in bad shape. The view was expressed that work needs to be done immediately before the spring run off, and additional work done in the long run remedy the problem. The county staff agreed to review the bridge and surrounding area and see what could be done. Council Business Member Haslam commented that the Fair was a good event. He expressed appreciation to Garth Day, the road crew and some temporary workers. Comments were very positive. He reminded the council that next year is the 100 year anniversary. He commended all the workers for their efforts and the community for their support. Next year the Fair is scheduled to begin the first Saturday in August. Member Kelley reported that the quilt auction went well despite inclement weather and that money was raised for the Fair Grounds. Chairman Creager thanked the Fair Board for their work on the Fair. He also reported that Fox 13 had some temporary problems, but that service had been restored. Member Lundgren commented on Fast Pass – See Article on Page 18. Member Sunday expressed excitement at the improvements to Old Highway Road. Dave Rich – Purchase of New Brush Truck for the Fire Department This was discussed in the last meeting. There were bids from three dealerships. Several of the council members were concerned at the high cost of a new truck. Member Lundgren had looked on KSL.com and found trucks that appeared to meet the county ‘s requirements and were about half the cost of a new vehicle. Chairman Creager suggested that given the time of the year and the time it will take to fit out a new truck that at this point the truck would likely not be in service this year until after the fire season. He suggested that since the county had not budgeted for this item it would be better to consider this request as a part of the 2011 budget instead of now. The council voted unanimously to defer the purchase of the vehicle until after November when next years budget would be considered. The council also requested that information on the purchase of a used vehicle or repairing the existing vehicle be obtained before the request comes back before the council. Budget Hearing to Amend 2010 Budget There were no comments in the public hearing. CR-10-24 The resolution was passed unanimously. This resolution provides adjustments necessary to correctly account for Grants the county has received and also incorporates budget resolutions for items that were not anticipated in the original budget. Airport Advisory Board – Long Term Tie Down Lease Agreement Joel Laborde, the airport board chair, presented the agreement for aircraft tied down outside of the hangers. The advisory board and county attorney have reviewed the document and are requesting approval. The Agreement was approved unanimously with the provision that the rates charged be reviewed every other year. Airport Advisory Board – Contract with Wardell Brothers for Airport Infrastructure This would include the installation of stop and waste valves that were missed in the original bid. Each hanger has water, sewer, and electric. The addition of these valves is necessary to protect the installation from damage that will otherwise likely occur over the winter. The cost is estimated to be no more than $7,500. The council requested that the county engineer review the design before the bid is completed. The council unanimously voted to table the item until the county engineer has reviewed the specifications. Public Hearing – Rezone Request by David and Julia Croft This item was reviewed by the council in the last meeting. In the last meeting the council referred the item back to the planning commission to review whether the rezone should be to RR5 rather than the requested A20. The RR5 designation is consistent with the area plan and would prevent the land from being used to expand gravel pit operations in the area. The planning commission reviewed the request and recommended that the area be zoned as RR10 instead of the area plan recommendation of RR5 because of Geologic issues on the property. Randy Sessions commented that the family created this problem when they divided the property. He expressed support for this initiative, however, because he felt it would set a precedent for his property to be rezoned similarly. Brian Porter commented that his residence is 300 feet from this property. He requested information on whether there is any plan for a road. He commented that the road is not sufficient for development. The council then discussed the merits of the proposal. Some members felt that this was a reasonable request to correct a parcel of land that was currently not in conformance with its zoning due to a parcel being divided in the past into pieces smaller than allowed by the current zoning. Some members felt that there was not sufficient reason to take action right now since the Crofts are not planning to do any development. There was also concerned expressed about whether this would create a precedent for other areas. The rezone was approved to be changed to an RR10 with all in favor except Member Kelley. Grant Crowell – Discussion for Replacement of Planning Commission Member to Replace Outgoing Member Albrechtsen Crowell reported that no one has applied for the planning commission. There was also a request to advertise again for the Board of Adjustments. Member Sunday believes that someone can be found and has made contact with individuals in the Milton area to make a personal appeal to those living in the area to serve. Representative to Replace David Gardiner on the Family Connection Center Board Member Kelley volunteered for the assignment. Member Hansen suggested tabling this until Member Mathews is present. Member Kelley was appointed to serve for four weeks until Member Mathews returns and this item can be discussed with the full council. Financial Review of Sheriff ‘s Department Budget See Morgan County Council Scrutinizes Spending by Sheriff’s Office on Page 1.

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