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County Council Notes August 31, 2010


Council Members Attending: Rodney Haslam, Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, David MathewsPublic CommentLarry Hatch related to the council his view that according to the structure adopted when the council was formed they were to be a legislative body and not involved in the day to day running of the county. He expressed that the council ought to allow departments to make decisions once budgets and ordinances were passed. He expressed the view that the Sheriff ‘s decision to refit three cars rather than one was within his authority and that the councils actions were micro managing. He further communicated his view that rather than chastising the Sheriff, the council ought to have thanked him for acting in the best interests of the county by making the best use of county resources.County Council BusinessMember Kelley – The planning commission plans to recommend changes to the accessory apartment ordinance. Member Kelley gave the council the opportunity to provide input to the discussion at the planning commission. This review is due to the applications that have come since the ordinance has passed and because of the most recent application that came before the council. Member Sunday expressed the view that she wants the ordinance to continue to provide affordable housing the in county. She believes that the ordinance is a way to provide affordable housing in the county. The other members of the council requested to see the full information from the planning commission before offering an opinion.Member Mathews reported that the food pantry is in need of a freezer. Dave Pike donated a freezer to the food bank. The pantry also needs a commercial scale to weigh the large donations. If there are any citizens who have a scale they could donate it would be appreciated. Chairman Creager – Reported on an email from the Board of Appeals – See Article Appeal from the Board of AppealsChairman Creager also read a press release see Day ‘s Office Sealed In County InvestigationKevin Edwards – CIB Application for Multi-function BuildingThe county is exploring a new building for animal control and other uses. Edwards reported that they had obtained a better estimate of $330,000 for the construction of this building. With the additional items needed for the building the total cost would likely be less than $400,000. There is currently an application to the CIB for a loan for this money. If approved from the CIB, the county will then need to make a decision whether to proceed with this project. If a new building was constructed the county would save the money currently being spent renting space in another facility. The council approved unanimously to authorize the application to the CIB for the funds to construct the building. They also directed staff to review the possibility of a larger building to house the entire Sheriff ‘s Department. This decision does not commit the county, but allows the process to move forward to approve the money. The county will need to authorize the building before any funds are expended or construction begun.Kelvin Feik – Charges for Lot 15, HighlandsFeik felt that the billing he had received was erroneous. He had a 30 to 40 minute meeting that resulted in an outcome that the project would not be cost feasible. Feik asserted that he had not submitted an application or authorized the expenditure of funds by the county. The council tabled the issue to gather additional information.Charles Ewert – Camp Woodland Conditional Use PermitCamp Woodland is proposing to install culinary water improvements. This will include the installation of a 10,000-gallon water tank and a water line to the existing wellhead.The conditional use permit was approved unanimouslyKaren Sunday – Add Cottonwood, Croydon, and Milton Parks to the Capital Improvement ListThe Cottonwood Park currently has no improvements. They are eligible to use impact fees, but need to be added to the capital improvement plan. There are also some improvements to be considered for the Milton and the Croydon Parks.The addition of the items to the Capital Improvement List is necessary for the county to apply for any grants.The item was approved unanimouslyPublic Hearing – Ordinance CO-10-14This is a procedural item to repeal obsolete portions of the code, which were replaced by a new code CO-10-10. There were no public comments.The council approved the item unanimously.Karen Sunday – Transfer Funds Within the Parks BudgetMember Sunday proposed to move funding to cover the cost of a mower from funds designated for bathroom improvements that cannot be completed.Representative for Family Connection Center BoardMember Kelley was appointed to serve on this board.Planning Commission AppointmentBrandon Anderson was appointed unanimously.

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