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Compus Connection – Wade Murdock


It is an honor and a privilege to be back in the Morgan School District. It is exciting to see familiar faces as well as getting to know the new staff members. More importantly, I am excited to work with the youth of this community and continue the success of Morgan High School.As I reflect on my previous experiences in the Morgan School District and prepare for the upcoming school year, the thought that comes to mind is consistency. Morgan School District sets their standards high, and more times than not, they meet and even exceed those expectations. Whether in the classroom or on the playing field, the Morgan School District equals excellence.A perfect example of this is the ACT results from last spring. The results are as follows: SUBJECT STATE AVERAGE MHS AVERAGEEnglish 21.4 22.3Mathematics 21.1 22.2Reading 22.5 22.7Science 21.7 21.6COMPOSITE 21.8 22.3Those are incredible scores, and I feel the students and faculty in Morgan School District need to be commended. For this to occur, we need great teachers in all grades (K-12), families that get involved in their student ‘s education, and more importantly, students that take their school attendance and academics seriously.The mission for Morgan High School states, The Morgan High School community will prepare students for meaningful work, advanced education, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning. Everything we do, from academics and athletics to attendance policies, always points back to our mission statement of making each student a more responsible, well-rounded individual.I am excited to be back in Morgan. I realize what the expectations are and the importance of the task at hand. I appreciate your support and look forward to another great year at Morgan High School.

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