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Morgan School District – New Teacher Profiles – Part 2


The Morgan County News is spotlighting the new teachers in The Morgan County Schools. This is the second of three weeks of the profiles. We hope you get to know the people that teach your children.Jared BarlowMorgan Middle School Physical Education TeacherJared Barlow is not new to Morgan or to the Morgan County School District, but he is new to the staff of Morgan Middle School. He is the school ‘s new Physical Education Teacher. Before transferring, Barlow was teaching at Morgan High School. He had been teaching Special Education, Physical Education, and Health for the past five years.Barlow will not be teaching at the high school anymore, but he will still have ties to the high school. He will continue to coach football and basketball at the high school. He is the Varsity Defensive Coordinator for the football team and the Freshman Boy ‘s Basketball Coach. In the past, he has also coached track and wrestling there. Clearly, he is a man of many sports. Barlow says, I love anything that has competition. It doesn ‘t matter what it is, I like to compete. I could [also] watch sports all day long and not get tired of it. I like having a job where I get to play all day long and teach our youth how to play as well. Our society needs more people finding ways to be active. Barlow is not originally from Morgan. He grew up in Clinton and his family moved to Mountain Green at the end of his junior year. He graduated from Morgan High School in 1996.After graduating from Morgan High School, he attended Weber State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Physical Education and with a minor in Special Education. Barlow didn ‘t stop there. He continued his education and received a Masters of Education from Utah State University. Barlow is married to Kristi and they will be celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary this month on September 23. She is a nurse and works at both McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, and she works at The Family Assisted Living Center here in Morgan. The Barlow family has two little boys. The oldest is Austin, who is five years old, and his brother, Brock will turn three years old in October. Austin is five years old their little boy, (5) and Brock, who will turn three years old this October. They are a close family who loves spending time together. They enjoy living in Morgan and spending time together. Morgan is a great place to do all of the things they love to do together, like camping, riding four-wheelers, golfing, and just hanging out together.About living and working in Morgan, Barlow said, Morgan is the place I have always wanted to teach. I loved it when my family moved here and when I went into teaching, Morgan is where I wanted to spend my career. I love the small town feel and the values of the Morgan community.Vanessa HallMorgan High SchoolMath TeacherVanessa Hall grew up on a family farm in Lewiston, Utah which is 20 miles north of Logan. Her new teaching job at the high school and some family ties bring Vanessa Hall to the Morgan County School District. The job for which she has been hired is as Morgan High School ‘s new Geometry and Algebra I teacher. Her family ties to the area are her sister and brother-in-law who live in Mountain Green. This has helped her to be familiar with Morgan County, and she feel that this is the perfect place to begin [her] career. In April 2010, Vanessa Hall graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, receiving a History Teaching Major and a Minor in Mathematics Education. She then went to work in the Cache County School District and at Bingham High School to get classroom experience. With these big accomplishments behind her, she is prepared and ready to begin her first year as a math teacher at Morgan High School. Since she was a young girl, Hall has only wanted to be one thing. Being a teacher has always been #1 on her list. Now that she has received her degree and fulfilled all of the necessary requirements for a career in education, she is ready to put her skills and education to work in her own classroom. She is excited for the opportunity to help her students learn and improve their math skills and to be successful in their required math courses. Education has always been very important to my family. Both of my parents graduated with teaching degrees. My father has been teaching for 40 years and my mother is currently a secretary at the high school. I have also had amazing teachers that have helped me see the importance of teaching and the difference that teachers can make in someone ‘s life. Emilee HaslamMorgan High School Special Education TeacherEmilee Haslam is Morgan High School ‘s new Special Education (Resource) teacher. Emilee is a 2010 graduate of Weber State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree. She chose to get a Composite Degree rather than the traditional master ‘s degree with a minor. Haslam chose three areas of focus for the composite degree; Science, Elementary Education, and Special Education.She comes to Morgan High School for her very first year of teaching. I already know I am going to love Morgan and my students. I want to challenge myself to learn new things every day. My students will be great examples to me and I hope that they learn many things from me, but in the end, I also know that I will learn so much from them. Emilee is thrilled to be living and working in the Morgan community, I love the small town feel and the community up here. Morgan, I would say, chose me _It is an amazing place with amazing teachers and an amazing community. I love it here! Her husband, Mike Haslam, works for Morgan Pavement and is the Superintendent of the Striping Division. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family in her spare time and her favorite hobbies are skiing and both, playing sports and / or watching sports. Currently, she plays indoor soccer two nights a week. In contrast, other thing she likes to do are hair and to make and sell hair bows. Emilee grew up in Hooper and before her decision to become a teacher, she wanted to be a cosmetologist. Her father is the one who influenced her to pursue becoming a teacher instead.The change in her career path has since turned out to be an amazing part of her life. This has already become a wonderful experience in my life, and I am grateful for this opportunity to be in such a remarkable place. I want my students to have the same love for learning as I have and to understand that they are all astonishing people and can become whatever they choose! Monica WoodMorgan Middle School English Teacher Seventh and Eight GradesMonica Wood is one of the new teachers at Morgan Middle School. She teaches English to both Seventh and Eighth Graders throughout the different class periods of the school day. Wood was born in Salt Lake City and lived in Utah until she was nine years old. At that point, her family moved to Mesa, Arizona and that is where she continued her schooling and graduated from high school.After graduating from her Mesa high school, she went back to Utah to attend Brigham Young University. At BYU, she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree by completing the course requirements to earn an English Teaching Major and a minor in French. That had not been her declared major and minor when she started BYU. The entire time she was growing up she had planned to study medicine and get her degree in Nursing. Wood changed her mind and switched degrees not long after taking a certain chemistry class. That was the turning point that took her from going into nursing to studying literature and setting her sites on become a teacher. Wood completed her student teaching requirement at Pleasant Grove High School. Then she was hired at Excelsior Academy for her first official year of teaching. After that first year of teaching in Erda, she received the opportunity to work for the Morgan County School District and took it. She is very happy about getting the opportunity teach in Morgan. From the first time she heard about the community, she was impressed. She said, I think Morgan is a beautiful place. I first heard about it at a Teacher Fair at BYU where I heard about its wonderful students, dedicated faculty, and supportive community. During her time teaching in Morgan, she hopes to create a positive learning community in which everyone can learn from one another. I hope to grow as a teacher as I discover ways to meet my students ‘ individual needs and instill a love of learning and critical thinking. Ultimately, I look forward to finding out what makes Morgan such a great place to be. Rebecca YorgasonMountain Green Elementary School Fifth Grade TeacherThe new all-subject fifth grade teacher at Mountain Green Elementary School is Rebecca Yorgason. She graduated with two Bachelor Degrees from Weber State University; a 1999 Bachelor of Arts in General Economics and a 2008 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.She grew up and went to the schools of Morgan as Rebecca Dickson, so she knows a lot about Morgan and those who live and work here. She enjoyed growing up in Morgan and so when she was an adult, she decided to stay here to live and raise her family.It was during this time as a stay-at-home mom that first started to teach students of their own. She took on a few students and started to teach piano lessons. She taught piano lessons for 15 years and this certainly did influence her decision to go back to college later and become certified to teach in the schools. Another factor that impacted her decision was the time she spent in Morgan ‘s schools volunteering in her daughter ‘s classes over the years. She said that she loved to see her own students achieve success on the piano, and she enjoyed watching students being motivated to learn and do well by their teachers.Her desire to teach also came from some of her own teachers that she had over the years. She said, I always wanted to be as good a teacher as Mr. Steve Lyon. While in his classroom she noticed that if one of his students was struggling with a concept, he would take the time to explain it to them again. If Mr. Lyons first explanation did not take, he would explain it again in another different way until the student understood the concept. She said, I wasn ‘t one of the sharpest students in his class, but I appreciated his willingness to put forth extra effort for his students. Yorgason is glad to now have the opportunity to teach here in Morgan as a fifth grade teacher at Mountain Green Elementary. Before being transferred to teach in Morgan ‘s School District, she taught at Valley View Elementary in Roy for two years. It is nice to be working at home and in the schools where she has so many ties. In fact, her sister, Stephanie Dickson also works for the district as a Morgan Elementary School lunchroom worker. Yorgason really does love the Morgan County School District, The faculty, administration, and students in Morgan ‘s schools are amazing! Her hobbies include reading, playing the piano, dancing, watching movies, completing puzzles, painting walls in her house, and “eating food prepared by anyone other than myself.”She does still have a life outside of the classroom and she has many talents, like playing the piano, the violin, and the guitar, and yes, she is also a talented singer as well. Instead of bragging about her many musical talents, she likes to boast about being, the best person in her family at folding towels! She also enjoys her hobbies of reading, dancing, watching movies, completing puzzles, painting walls in her house, and eating food prepared by anyone other than myself. It is clear that Yorgason believes in continuous learning and growth throughout one ‘s life. She should be a good example of living this philosophy to others at Mountain Green Elementary. About her new teaching job and her new students, she said that she hopes to continuously learn from my students and colleagues. She should do well at inspiring her students to gain a love for learning as well. She said that with her own students, she hopes to “continuously learn from my students and colleagues. I hope that the experiences I will have here will help me become a better teacher and a better person.”

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