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Morgan County Single Adults ages 31+ held their first PicNic and PowWow in the Park on Sept. 7th.The Ball is now Rolling for Morgan LDS Single Adults! It was a nice turnout for our first event. We got lots of good feedback and input for what we want to see in the Morgan Valley for our Single Adults 31+.We are now on Facebook under Morgan LDS Mid Singles. The email is morganmidsinglesandup@yahoo.com Please watch the Morgan County News for more FUN singles activities coming up, and get the word out to all your friends age 31 and up.We want this to be a place where Single Adults ages 31 and up, can come and find friendship, and enjoy fun times together, the singles events aren’t just for finding a love connection, though if that happens, that’s great too. We just want to see the unity and comradrie of those that are in similar situations.We will be getting together with other stakes for our bigger events sometimes as well.Check us out on facebook, or join us on email for suggestions and updates for future events!Thank you to all who came out to the last event. It was a great variety, and fun to get to know each other.Please spread the word about the Single Adult Activities now going on in Morgan!

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