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County Council Notes September 21, 2010


Council Members Attending: Rodney Haslam, Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, David Mathews Public Comment A citizen commented on the new roads. The citizen appreciates the quality of the new roads, but would like to see lines striped on the roads more quickly. The council responded that they had to go out for bid and then also needed to complete the crack seal process. The bid process is now complete and so as soon as the crack seal process has finished they can stripe the roads. County Council Business Member Lundgren said that the airport advisory board is considering the installation of a fuel station at the airport. If this moves forward it will be in coordination with the repaving of the apron. This item will need to come before the council before it can move forward. Chairman Creager reported on a letter received from a citizen who was on the last council meeting agenda. Last council meeting Kelvin Feik had appeared before the council and asked for the fees he had been charged to be reversed based on his view that he had not approved the expenses in advance. Feik, in his letter said, For me the most perspective changing question was asked by Ms. Tina Kelley, ÷Why should the residents of Morgan County be responsible for a service that I may have benefited from. ‘ Put in that perspective, I am rescinding my objection to the payment of the services offered $2,341.60. Enclosed you will find a copy of the receipt of the paid in full fee. My integrity and good standing in this community are very important to me. I know think that a lack of experience and niaevete in county business along with some miscommunications are to blame for this issue. The idea that citizens of Morgan County would be responsible for this outstanding balance is unacceptable to me. Thank you for your public service and commitment to the residents of Morgan County.  Chairman Creager expressed appreciation to Feik for his letter. Chairman Wright from the planning commission commented that a citizen had expressed concern about weed control in Mountain Green in their last meeting. She felt that the weeds were out of control. The chairman wanted to make the council aware of this concern. The citizen ‘s concerns were both for the weeds along the road and on private property. Member Lundgen informed those attending that there is an employee of the county that is assigned to spray weeds. Most of the weed spraying is in the spring, with some in the fall. The majority of the roads in the county are sprayed at least once a year. The private property issue is a much larger problem that causes problems on the county property as well, Lundgren commented. Attorney Farris reported that the medical examiner had reported that in July a truck driver pulled off in a rest area and passed away. The medical examiner ‘s office has not been able to locate next of kin so the county will need to provide services for the body. The cost for will be approximately $2,000 for cremation of the individual. Grant Crowell – Land Use Agreements for the Rose Hill Well The request from Wilkinson Cottonwood Water and has been reviewed by the county engineer and the county attorney. The county received a phone call from Mike McMillan requesting that the council not approve the item tonight because of a variety of issues that have not been resolved. Crowell requested that the council wait until additional information has been gathered to make a decision. The council unanimously agreed to table the item and instruct staff to do additional research. Grant Crowell – Breach of Agreement for Rollins Ranch The council sent a letter to the developer on June 28th notifying them that they had not completed the necessary items in the agreement with the county. Crowell is requesting that the county send a letter to the Rollins Ranch developer putting them in default on the agreement with the county. The developer had spoken with Chairman Creager to request that the council give the items that need to be completed in priority order. The Chairman told the developer that the council would be willing to sit down with the developer to try to reach a resolution. The council approved unanimously to send a letter of breach to the developer. Airport Advisory Board – Approve New Airport Code The county took action to replace the existing airport code with updated code. The new code was approved unanimously. HR Services Agreement The county has outsourced its human resources management to HR Services. This contract has saved the county money. The decision was recognized by the independent auditor as a good decision that had saved money and helped to trim the county ‘s budget. The county attorney requested that the council table the item for some contractual changes that need to be negotiated with HR Services. The item was tabled unanimously. Renewal/Extension of Fringe Benefits This is a contract to allow county employees access to additional benefits. Approved Unanimously Authorization to Use General Fund Monies to Fund Correction to Retirement Fund Three employees were grandfathered into the benefits system even though they were part time. Two of these three were making contribution to the retirement system. The auditing department reviewed this Jan 2, 2000 to June 19, 2010. The audit determined that the third employee needed to be brought into the system. To bring this employee into the system the county is required to pay $27,805.50. The council decided that the principle balance needed to be paid, but that the county attorney should investigate whether interest charges could be negotiated down. This action was approved unanimously. Portfolio Assignments With the departure of Garth Day from the county there are three portfolios that need to be covered. These are fleet management, economic development, and purchasing agent. Councilmember Mathews will take the assignment for purchasing. Chairman Creager will take the assignment for economic development. Councilmember Lundgren will take the assignment for purchasing. The Council then went into Executive session for the purpose of discussing personnel, litigation and contract issues.

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